Wondering What Other SaaS Apps Automile Customers Are Using?


More and more SMBs, including almost all of Automile’s customers, rely on a variety of SaaS solutions to increase their productivity, optimize their data and workflows, and maximize their tech budgets. Cloud-based tools offer business owners inherent value—time savings and scalability, for starters—that make them ideal for fueling the success of their up-and-coming businesses.

Business-Boosting SaaS Solutions 

In BizTechMagazine.com, technology writer Steve Zurier profiles two small companies who have improved efficiency with SaaS tools, pointing to Box and Adobe’s Creative Cloud as two solutions that are making a considerable difference.

But, you might ask, “What SaaS products are Automile customers using?”

Aside from Automile, here’s a sampling of cloud-based apps that are helping our customers run their businesses more efficiently:
Aurora – for helping builders place solar systems on a home

Calendar Anything (a Salesforce add-on) – for project planning and scheduling

CloudBerry – for backing up a company’s database

Construction Manager – for managing maintenance logs and report, project estimates and timesheets

DocuSign – for electronic signatures and document approvals

Dropbox – for file sharing and storage

Gusto – for online HR services

Insightly – for customer relationship management and project management

Sage – for managing employee payroll

Quickbooks – for accounting

Tsheets – for employee time tracking
For more detail into the problem-solving power of SaaS tools, check out How Are Cloud-Based Solutions Empowering Small Businesses?

Customizing A SaaS Suite For Business Growth

From accounting to fleet management to doc sharing, business owners can piece together the perfect business solution, one SaaS app at a time. The possibilities are almost endless, limited only by the number of specific needs they want to address.

But there’s more. Many of SaaS companies offer open APIs that make it possible for third-party developers to design new applications using the technology, increasing its value to business owners and the entire SaaS universe. Automile, for instance, offers customers a way to easily integrate their various cloud-based apps so they can get “more bang for their buck”.

For more insights into SaaS trends, here’s an excellent article by ZNet’s Charles McLellan.

And you might enjoy the Capterra article 3 Ways Cloud Software for Small Businesses Drive Growth


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