Why Pest Control Companies Love Mobile Technology

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Mobile technology is all the rage. Who doesn’t have a connected device in their hands at some point during the day? Pest control professionals definitely do—and they’re using them to supercharge their critter hunting powers as well as run business more efficiently.

Let’s take a closer look at how pest control companies are using mobile technology—and all of the cool apps out there.

What have we got here? Infrared imaging detects thermal patterns around areas of latent moisture—it’s particularly handy technology for pest control professionals who need to see more than meets the (naked) eye. Infrared technology delivered via a mobile device helps technicians see where pests—like termites, squirrels, bees—are coming from and what’s already been damaged. Learn more at Bredapest.com.

No really, what’s that? The National Pest Management Association’s mobile Field Guide App makes it easy for users to access information on 200 pests with photos and charts for accurate ID-ing.

Paying made simple. Mobile technology makes credit card processing out in the field possible. Companies like Square cater to field services businesses who want to accept card payments on-the-go. Similarly, subscription-billing services for pest control companies can be integrated with mobile apps like Slack for convenient, on-the-run communication and administration.

On the road with telematics. According to ServicesThe Latest Innovations in Pest Control Technology, communication tools are making a big impact on how pest control professionals manage their businesses and collaborate with employees.

Vehicle telematics solutions offer mobile apps with full software functionality. Pest control company business owners use their mobile telematics tools to:

  • Check technicians’ vehicle locations on a live map
  • Monitor drivers’ speed
  • Message techs with schedule updates

855Bugs.com, an Automile customer, makes sure all of their technicians have smartphones and provide some of their employees with tablets. It’s important to 855Bugs to have mobile tools because customers often need immediate attention.

“With Automile, we can bring up a map and know where all our trucks are so I know that if I have a house that needs to be done in a neighborhood, I can see which vehicles are closest to this neighborhood and get someone over there as fast as possible.”

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