Why Landscaping Companies Love Mobile Technology



Landscaping professionals may be focused on what’s under our feet and rooted in the ground, but they’re also paying attention to the mobile technology in their hands.

Let’s take a look at how landscaping companies are using mobile technology today.

So that’s how it’ll look? Virtual reality, computer aided design (CAD), 3D rendering, photo imaging…all of this and more are at landscaper’s fingertips, right inside of mobile apps. These take-anywhere tools, like those from ProLandscape.com, enable designers and customers to view before and after views of a property’s landscaping before the work gets started. It’s as simple as taking a picture and dragging and dropping design ideas into place—to see what’ll look best!

Plant this, not that. Landscapers can visit sites such as Garden.org on their mobile browser or open up the Landscaper’s Companion app to access comprehensive databases of plants and flowers, to find out the frost dates for their area, and to learn what to plant if they want to attract a garden full of butterflies. Just think, before the days of mobile devices, they’d have to open a book or log into a computer. Today, they can take care of business right then and there, in the client’s garden.

Add it up. Apps like Landscape & Garden Calculators from Sidetop Software is a mobile app that helps landscapers bid on jobs faster and more accurately. Users can calculate the quantity of fertilizer they need per treatment, for example, depending on the customer’s type of grass, low and high spread rates, total area, percent of nitrogen in the fertilizer, and more!

Play it safe with telematics. Vehicle telematics solutions offer mobile apps with full software functionality, meaning landscaping company business owners can use their smartphone or tablet to:

  • Check technicians’ vehicle locations on a live map
  • Monitor drivers’ speed
  • Message techs with schedule updates
  • Keep their vehicles safe

Tyler Spears of Millennium Lawn & Landscape, an Automile customer, depends on telematics to help him track and secure his company vehicles. “We have expensive assets,” he explains, “and in case of thefts, we could never recover those assets.” Fortunately, Automile was on board to help when it was needed most.

Spears recalls, “We had a break in at our shop yard and over $130,000 of equipment was stolen recently from one of our trucks…the vehicle was over 80 miles away but it wasn’t a problem to track down and coordinate with local law enforcement. When discussing the matter with the police, I was told multiple times that they have never seen a GPS system this good.”

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