Why is Slack Such a Great Tool for a Field Service Business?

More and more field service business are using tools like Slack to stay productive on-the-go. Slack is a cloud-based team collaboration tool that brings all of your company’s communications together in once place. That means you can manage everything within Slack—thanks to handy integrations that connect your messages, notifications, files, and more. Read on to learn more how Slack can help you stay on top of your field service business’s communications.

Slack Is A One-Stop-Shop for Your Small Business Communications

In Slack, you create “channels” that your team can access for real-time collaboration. It helps keep you from opening multiple apps to send e-mails, instant messages, and open documents (and more, depending on the apps you use).

Slack simply makes it easier and quicker to share information with your team. It makes it easier and quicker for you to manage your fleet, technicians, and serve your customers—especially when you’re out in the field and working on your mobile device. And the more apps you integrate with Slack, the more control you have from Slack’s intuitive interface.

In fact, most of the most popular productivity apps used by many small businesses (maybe yours?) already integrate with Slack, including:

In this article “Slack Meets Fleet Management”, Automile’s founder, Jens Nylander, talks about the Slack-Automile integration and how it’s a “first” for fleet management. With the integration, Automile users can take advantage of the:

  • Vehicle slash (/vehicle) command to search for vehicles and give the actual location and the checked-in driver
  • Driver slash (/driver) command to search for drivers in your fleet and get contact details and which vehicle they’re checked into
  • Closest slash (/closest) to search the closest vehicles to a job site and get the distance and driving time

Plus, Interactive Messages (e.g. e-mails, sms, and http post) and Automile Notifications (e.g. vehicle speeding, low battery, and coolant temperature) can be pushed into Slack.

Here’s how to enable your Automile and Slack integration. It’s easy!

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