Why Energy Companies Love Mobile Technology


Energy companies know a bright idea when they see one—and new applications for mobile technology are among the brightest around. Let’s look at how field services businesses are embracing new ways of working, using mobile technology, to keep their mobile workforce up-to-date and up-to-speed.

Attracting Hi-Watt Talent

In the coming years, it appears energy industry field services businesses are going to be doing a lot of recruiting. By 2020, according to trade-schools.net, over 60% of workers might need replacing. And by 2030, up to two million new traditional and solar energy jobs could be created in the energy sector. Are you ready to hire the best of the best?

As we examined in A Research-Based Look at Tomorrow’s Field Services Technician, up-and-coming talent have increasingly tech-oriented expectations. Compared with their retirement-age counterparts, these job seekers have been using technology their entire lives—and working with a mobile device is like second nature. Innovative companies are embracing mobile solutions to empower their employees in the office and out in the field, preparing to meet their future workforce’s preferences head-on.

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Managing Vehicles and Drivers

An energy industry report from Accenture claims that cloud-based business solutions, along with their corresponding mobile technology and analytics tools, “stand to change the game in the energy industry.” While there are myriad reasons why cloud computing is so transformative for companies, leading field services businesses in the energy sector know that best-in-class cloud and IoT technology will help them achieve a competitive edge—and keep operations humming.

Rob Jones of Elevation Solar explains that prior to adopting Automile, they had a difficult time keeping track of where vehicles were parked and whether or not they were were being used for personal use. “We were running blind on whether the hours tracked in our time tracking software was correct or not,” he adds. With his mobile telematics app, he can now get a live view into vehicle location and check on the labor hours that are entered into their timesheets—plus track mileage that helps with tax deductions.


Fueling the Customer Experience

The goal of delivering a winning “customer experience” is driving energy companies to provide their field services employees with the mobile tools they need to stay productive and remain exceptionally customer service-oriented.

We care what our customer says and feels about our work ethic and our service,” says Desmon Edwards of electrical contractor Jamar Power Systems. “Even a small dip in a single customer’s experience is taken very seriously and addressed right away,” he explains. “We are constantly testing new technologies to improve on customer experiences. We believe that you’re going to get a 5-star review for your business by exceeding expectations, and not just by meeting them.”

No wonder he uses Automile’s solution, including the comprehensive mobile app, to keep track of employees’ time, resources, and work orders in real-time—so they’re always addressing their customers’ needs.


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