What Is A Geofence?

What is a Geofence?

What a geofence is isn’t nearly as cool as what you can do with one. But let’s get the definition out of the way first: a geofence is a virtual boundary around a real-world geographical area. Geofencing is using technology to establish a “radius of interest” for the purpose of triggering an automatic alert when a geo-enabled device enters or exists the defined area.

If the concept is still a little fuzzy, consider this practical (and very cool) application of geofencing:

Geofencing in Action

Let’s say a company is using Automile’s fleet telematics and tracking solution, so each company vehicle is equipped with a GPS-enabled Automile Box. A fleet manager can use Automile’s web- or app-based software to set a virtual fence, per vehicle, around a perimeter, such as:

  • Fleet headquarters or company parking lot
  • An unauthorized area where vehicles shouldn’t be going during work hours
  • A customer’s office location or job site

The manager’s objective is to “keep tabs” on each vehicle and to make sure they’re immediately notified if, when, and where a vehicle exits a geofence. This can signal a few things: vehicle theft, unanticipated trip re-routing, or unauthorized vehicle use.

Armed with the information that a vehicle is off-course, the fleet manager can contact the driver, update a customer, call the authorities, etc. The point is they can take action on something that may (or may not) signal a problem that’s happening in real-time, before it’s too late.

The Time is NOW for Geofencing Technology

According to the Insurance Information Institute, in 2015:

  • 707,758 motor vehicles were reported stolen in the US
  • A motor vehicle was stolen in the US every 45 seconds in 2015
  • Autos accounted for 74.7% of all vehicles stolen, trucks and buses accounted for 14.8%, and other vehicles accounted for 10.5%

Geofencing technology, especially when teamed up with other GPS functionality (like real-time vehicle locating/tracking), has provided business owners and fleet managers an incredible peace-of-mind with respect to protecting business assets. Vehicles, not to mention the people driving them, are among their biggest costs—plus, they are a flat-out necessity to delivering services to customers. Anything that helps protect against their damage or loss is an investment in the company.

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Calculate the ROI

Consider the value in securing vehicles with geofences and getting alerted when they go outside a predetermined area. Really, we challenge you to calculate the potential gains associated with these scenarios:

  • If a vehicle is stolen, you have a better opportunity to recover it—it’s not a loss.
  • If a driver goes off course due to road construction, for instance, you can update the customer on any changes to the schedule—and provide excellent customer service.
  • You can get insights into when vehicles are “coming and going”—and you can re-work or optimize service schedules to boost productivity and better meet customers’ needs

Did we mention how easy it is to set up geofence alerts? It takes seconds! Get instructions here.  And you can have notifications sent you via Email, SMS, HTTPpost, Mobile Push, or Automile Inbox. How’s that for flexibility? Learn more in Automile Feature Showcase: Simple Notifications That Save Businesses And Lives.


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