Automile Customers Share Feedback On How Fleet Tracking Solution Is Working for Them

Here are some voices of Automile customers:

  • Automile helps me keep a pulse on the vehicles and drivers. I have been able to increase cost savings and best of all, after the telematics has been introduced, I have had 100% driver retention rate.” — Todd Faden, Business Owner, Faden Builders, Inc.
  • The way I look at it, there was about $1000-$1500 worth of assets being stolen per month. So in one month of using Automile and saving that money, I’ve already paid for a year of using Automile and keeping my assets protected. ” — Victor Jones, Owner, Royal Limousine
  • It felt like a really simple system for our drivers to begin using. We especially liked that there was no installation required.” — Ricoh Group
  • Growing from a small to a medium-sized business makes you think about things differently— you need to adapt to the growth. Now we focus even more on food safety and worker safety… For example, when we had 3 vehicles, we didn’t have to worry, but as we’ve grown, Automile has become a necessity.” Scott France, CEO/Co-owner, Macrina Bakery
  • I love going to live view and see which vehicles are parked and which ones are moving.  We are able to see when the installer gets to the property and are able to keep a check on the labor hours that are entered into the TSheets. We have seen some payroll savings because of this.” — Rob Jones, VP Strategic Initiatives, Elevation Solar
  • We have the AutoMile Pro on two vehicles and so far it has worked perfectly. After the latest update, it is also easy to manage the different drivers of the vehicles.” — Automile Customer
  • I must highlight the real-time tracking. If you forget where you parked, simply bring out your phone and find where it is.” — Automile Customer


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