How to Use LinkedIn to Build Your Commercial Field Services Business

Many of today’s most successful commercial field services companies rely on LinkedIn to help drive new business growth. The professional networking platform is the perfect place to make new connections, warm up cold calls, and collect competitive intelligence. And if used well, it enables anything-but-pushy sales conversations and propels your business forward.

There are now 433 million registered Linkedin users. Are you one of them? If not, it’s easy to get up and running—and it’s free, unless you sign up for a premium account—and you’ll start seeing its value in no time.

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Let’s take a look at how commercial field services business owners and associates can make the most of LinkedIn.

Why Use LinkedIn?

If you’re wondering what business a field services company has on a professional networking site, consider what LinkedIn enables you to do:

  • Connect with existing customers (and gain access to their network of contacts/potential customers)
  • Connect with top-notch potential future technicians and employees who may be in the job market
  • Build your personal credibility and company’s credibility among customers, prospects, and other professional contacts
  • Gain insight into how your competitors are promoting their brands and services
  • Participate in industry-focused conversations among both professionals and consumers, expanding your knowledge while demonstrating thought-leadership and even promoting solutions
  • And so much more!

The takeaway is that there’s really no good reason to not be on LinkedIn.

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LinkedIn Tips for Field Services Business Owners

Here are some ideas to make the most of your LinkedIn experience:

When setting up your profile:

  • Include a picture so your customers and other connections can see your smiling face.
  • Use your personal profile to promote your business:
    • Link to a company page (yes, that means create a company page)
    • Ask happy customers to provide testimonials
  • Build your personal credibility:
    • List any industry designations
    • Highlight key experience and industry expertise

When sharing interesting information with your network, consider:

  • Relevant industry news
  • Company news (e.g. awards, inclusion in industry trade pub, participation in community event)
  • Recent projects (and include photos of your work!)
  • New marketing content (e.g. blog posts)
  • Customer success stories

When prospecting:

  • Use search tool to find potential customers by keyword, zip code, etc.
  • If you find a professional you’d like to meet:
    • See if you share a connection in common, and ask for an introduction
    • Send a personal message to warm up a cold call (don’t sell! This is just a friendly inquiry and invitation to talk further)
    • Earn their connection
  • If you’re connected to a prospect, great!
    • Invite them to talk further about their pain points
    • Nurture the relationship by sharing relevant information
    • Thank them for their time/interest
  • “Meet” people in industry groups
  • Participate in LinkedIn’s discussion boards


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