How To Use Facebook To Promote Your Field Service Business


How to use Facebook to Promote Your Field Service Business


According to Facebook, 1.8 billion people—including many, if not most, of your field service business’s customers—use the social site to connect with family, friends, and discover things that matter. Your services matter to them, don’t they? If your field service business isn’t making the most of Facebook, it’s time to make it happen. And we have some ideas for you.

Ready? Let’s go!

Why use Facebook for Your Field Service Business

We’ll start with the basics: what can Facebook do for your field service business?

In short, it will help you connect with existing customers, find new customers, and build relationships with all of them. And it’s in a place—the popular social media channel—that your customers visit regularly. Being on Facebook:

  • Raises awareness of your company and services
  • Showcases your success stories
  • Enables WOM marketing
  • Drives leads/boosts business

So what do you actually have to do to get value from this powerful social media channel?

  • Set up a company page. Unlike a personal Facebook profile, this is a page that’s open to all visitors who can “like” your page and start following your posts. Your company page gives you some social credibility—it puts you “in the game.” Be sure to include information about your company and upload a company logo or other images to use as your profile and cover photos. And regularly post to give your networks opportunities to see your name, talk with you, and maybe even learn something new.
  • Post images and videos that show what you do and how you do it. And share what makes your services and people great. People are attracted to visual content and it’s often more engaging and shareable. Maybe a picture of a beautiful garden (if you’re a landscaper) or a happy customer standing on a construction site (if you’re a builder). Or a group of happy employees on-the-job. You get the idea.
  • Share “sharable” content. If you post about things that interest your company page followers, like industry or community news that’s relevant to you and your customers, insights into your customers’ pain points, or ideas for solving problems, they might pass along the little gems to their own networks. What’s more, customers can post reviews about how great it was working with you. Dive deeper into How Field Service Businesses Can Amplify Word of Mouth Marketing.
  • Advertise to promote your brand and special offers beyond your network. You can customize a campaign to reach individuals in a certain geographic market, within a certain age range, with specific interests…and many other parameters. Learn more here.

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