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Thanks to all our customers and our supporters, we keep having the best years at Automile. Here’s a look at some posts that have gotten the most attention along with top learnings.

The Connected Car: Time to embrace IoT in your fleet management

“Whether for consumers or businesses, connected cars are the way of the future – the market for connected car technology is expected to reach $53 billion by 2018. While those already adopting the technology are ahead of the curve, a world in which all vehicles are constantly connected will soon become the norm. And everyone, from automakers and fleet managers to drivers, need to be ready for it.” 

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Look Out For These Fleet Telematics Trends in 2017 

“The writing’s on the wall—make that on a big digital road sign: the commercial vehicle telematics market is exploding. MarketsandMarkets expects it will be worth $47.58 Billion by 2020. While the ELD mandate is upping the adoption of telematics solutions, growth is happening because business owners, operations leaders, and fleet managers are embracing their many benefits related to costs, automation, safety, productivity…

Let’s face it, fleet telematics solutions are a future-forward way to meet a variety of business needs.”

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Spotlight: Eli Trevino, OSHA Instructor And Safety Leader Gives Tips To Keep Your Mobile Workforce Safe 

“Anything businesses can do to execute on a safer environment for all stakeholders (employees, customers, wildlife, community etc.), it is a win-win for all. This can be achieved with right strategies in place and right alignment amongst the leaders in an organization.”- Eli Trevino, Loss Prevention Manager at J.Rollins Construction

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Should Fleet Safety Be One of Your Top Business Priorities? 

“By keeping business owners and fleet managers in-the-know about driver behaviors and vehicle condition, technology is informing the important decisions behind these initiatives. Fleet management technology give you insights into your fleet so you can address your specific safety and security risks—and actually help prevent accidents.” 

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Small Business Owner Spotlight: Jamar Power Systems Achieves 66% Cost Savings by Leveraging Telematics Technology

“We believe that you’re going to get a 5-star review for your business by exceeding expectations, and not just by meeting them.”- Desmon Edwards, Vice President, Jamar Power Systems.

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