Top 3 Benefits of Using Field Service Management Solution

Field service management

Field services businesses are busy and active, all over town. Moving from here to there, from customer to customer, your technicians are doing what they do best—out there in the field, of course. So why keep their processes tethered to the office? Stuck in the “old ways” of working? Especially when it’s so easy to use a field service management software solution to keep them moving and shaking.

The Power of Field Service Management Software

In short, the technology gives you and your employees the ability to get more done while out in the field—and serve your customers better helping to drive the bottom line. The software automates and streamlines the complete service process, end-to-end, benefitting every stakeholder in the business. What’s not to appreciate about that?

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits. We’ve narrowed them down to the top 3: 

Never Miss Out on a Job & Increase Team Productivity

Consider this workflow example, courtesy of a field service management app:

  1. You get a call from a customer and you immediately start a job and assign it to a technician who is available.
  2. Technician visits the customer and assess what needs to be done—time to create an estimate! He opens the field services app and gets started. Selects the items required for the job and piece together an estimate of the hours and costs. He also takes pictures of the work that needs to be done.
  3. He sends the estimate to customer for approval, via email or text.
  4. Customer approves it. The quote is now converted to an official work order.
  5. Technician can access the work order from his or her app and mark it as started.
  6. After the work is done, the technician can get a digital signature on the mobile app—and mark the job as completed.
  7. Customer receives an email from your company letting them know the work is done.
  8. You send the invoice and get paid!

To appreciate the magnitude of this new process, compare this to what you’re currently doing. There’s probably a lot of paper involved, and many of these steps simply can’t take place at the customer’s site—or on a mobile app, no less!

The new process saves time, and frees up your team (not to mention you and your customers) to pursue other opportunities. Anything but pushing paper around and waiting for manual approvals and signatures. Plus, you can stop going back and forth between systems, between the field and the office…your solution keeps up with you no matter where you are and when you’re working. And you never miss out on taking a job opportunity that comes your way.

Deliver A+ Customer Experience & Drive Your Bottomline 

In Field Service Management Trends for 2018, Capterra says, “Field service management software…makes technician mobility part of a bigger, better integrated experience for the customer.”

The customer experience means everything today. There’s so much competition out there and customers aren’t afraid to find a new service partner. They expect more from you than ever before, but thanks to technology, you can deliver it! If you don’t, well…better start focusing on that customer experience. Investing in a field service management solution is a great place to start.

How does it impact the customer experience?

  • Their field technician is more agile and can focus on the customer. They can keep the work process moving without stopping to check back with the office, consult with folders full of paper, etc.
  • Their customer data and work order information is automatically digitized and accessible by their technician (and office admins), around the clock.
  • They can approve and sign work orders right then and there—when the work is being scheduled, performed, and completed—and they don’t have to grapple with any paperwork or admin delays.

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 Complete View of Fleet Activities 

Automile is expected to release field service management product in sometime! That means that our customers will enjoy an integrated experience. Their fleet telematics/management and new field services tools will be combined into one interactive solution.

The biggest advantage of this integration is that you’ll know where your vehicles are in real-time AND manage field techs’ schedules and work orders accordingly—at the same time, in the same system. There’s no need to use 2 different systems—or open two separate apps—to complete this process. You’ll have just one robust digital destination, whether that’s your laptop, smartphone, or other connected device, where you can manage your field services and fleet activities.

Stay tuned to learn more about our new product development efforts.

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