Tiger Mechanical Services LLC Partners With Automile to Drive Business Results

Tiger mechanical

Tiger Mechanical was founded by Thomas (Tom) and Barbara Kissane in 2004. It is a family owned and operated business located in Arizona.

Tiger Mechanical is an authorized service agency for many of today’s leading luxury brands in the home appliance industry and is nationally recognized by Better Business Bureau A+ rating and has been the winner of Angie’s List Super Service award.

We had the opportunity to speak with Tom Kissane.

Tom, give us an overview of your career journey so far.

20 years ago, I was in the United States Marin Corps and then was hired by General Electric (GE) as a service technician. After gaining a lot of experience, I went out on my own and bought Mr. Appliance franchise. In 2004, started Tiger Mechanical with an ultimate goal to build a company that is based on the principles of delivering the highest quality service. My wife and I are proud that we have been able to achieve that and continue to grow our business.

I am also a member of the board for United Servicers Association, one of the largest appliance repair associations in North America.

Great to hear that your business is growing. What technology and services are you using to keep the momentum going?

I love to embrace change. I am always looking at new products and evaluating how it can make our business grow more efficiently. I also consider myself a good marketer.

We are leading the way with technology for our customers by going paperless. We use the following product/services:

  1. In-house CRM that manages work order management, invoicing, and more
  2. Paychex to process payroll
  3. Automile to manage our fleet of vehicles and technicians
  4. SEO/PPC marketing using a third party service

Tom, what made you consider using Automile?

We always had a GPS tracking system in our vehicles for a few years but it was rudimentary. The challenge was that we had to dig through a lot of data and it was not as friendly as Automile.

We tried Automile for free and we were hooked.

Immediately after implementation of Automile, we found out that one of our technicians was using the vehicle during off hours and this is something we couldn’t detect with the other GPS software. We were able to take the necessary actions to protect our business.

Also, we noticed that with Automile, it is so much easier for my administrative staff to pull the hours driven which used to take a lot of time before.

We also use the speeding notification and send the alert directly to the technician. I love that I can see the fuel consumption for every trip. We recently had a motorist call us complaining that one of our employees cut her off. I was able to log into Automile and see if there are any speed spikes for that specific trip and honestly now have a tool that will help me analyze this type of stuff.

We are soon going to project Automile’s live map that shows real-time where all our vehicles are on to a large monitor screen. Our administrative staff loves to see the overlay of the traffic on the map and that gives them a better idea if the technician is running late and they can call the customer proactively to set the right expectation.

Lastly, it is great to see Automile’s all-inclusive pricing. We can pretty much eliminate a few tools like time clock or tool to capture maintenance receipts as Automile has it all.

So, to summarize, Automile is light-years ahead of everyone in this space.

Based on your experience, what best practices would you like to share with the broader community?

I have learned that the battle is won on the phone with the Customer Service Representative (CSR). Let us say a prospect needs a vendor because they have an appliance that is not working, at that point, they are starting with negative thoughts. Between 1 (negative experience) to 10 (positive experience), the prospect thoughts are rated somewhere in the range of 2 or 3. They go online and find a few companies and start calling. They call the first vendor and get a voice mail which is not an ideal experience. Then they call another company – let us say Tiger Mechanical and they hear a CSR say “It is a great day at Tiger Mechanical, how can I help you?”, then the prospect is at about 4 or 5 because at least there is a live person responding cheerfully and willing to help. Then when they get a message saying “The technician is on their way”, they are at 6 or 7. When the technician arrives with a nice clean box, shows respect for the house and the prospect, they are at 8 or 9. At this point, they really want to work with us because our service has taken them from feeling not great when they started out to where we are giving them confidence that we will take care of their problem.

This is an example of how at first touch, a CSR can make the difference and win the business for us.