The North Carolina Guide to Field Services Success

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It’s clear that North Carolina’s motto, “A Better Place to Be,” speaks to the entrepreneurial spirit of the state’s field services business owners. It makes sense, considering the likes of Forbes, CNBC, Site Selection, and Chief Executive consistently rank North Carolina as having among the best business climates in US.

“First in Flight?” Small Businesses Flock to the Tar Heel State
According to the Economic Development Partnership of North Carolina, the state offers a number of competitive advantages to businesses looking to set up shop in the state. These include a pro-business tax environment, a favorable legal and regulatory environment, and lower business and metro-area construction costs. That’s not to mention a relatively low cost of living and beautiful geography, from mountains to ocean coastline.

Here are three of the largest industries in the state:

  • Manufacturing – With over 460,000 manufacturing workers, the state has the largest manufacturing workforce in the Southeast—the 10th largest in the U.S. Manufacturing in North Carolina accounts for 20% of the state’s GSP, the 5th highest in the nation (
  • Automotive, Truck, and Heavy Machinery – North Carolina is home to more than 290 automotive manufacturing establishments and a workforce of over 26,000. The state’s automotive manufacturing industry grew 25% in the past five years (
  • Agriculture – North Carolina is one of the most diversified agriculture states in the nation. It contributes $84 billion to the state’s economy, accounts for more than 17% of the state’s income, and employs 17% of the work force (


Fast Facts on North Carolina Highways

North Carolina’s commercial fleets and field service business travel their state’s highways and byways to meet the needs of their diverse population. Consider these facts from NC Department of Transportation:

  • NC has one of the largest highway systems in the nation with nearly 80,000 miles of highway statewide – the equivalent of circling the Earth three times.
  • The state’s highway system includes 15,000 miles of primary highways (interstate, U.S. and N.C. routes) and nearly 65,000 miles of secondary roads.
  • On highways across North Carolina, 540 live traffic cameras allow the state’s Department of Transportation to monitor traffic conditions to quickly respond to incidents and alert other motorists through 274 Dynamic Message Signs and other efforts.


How Fleet Telematics Solutions Help North Carolina’s Field Services Businesses

North Carolina’s field services business owners and fleet managers depend on fleet telematics solutions to help them:

Work Smarter.

North Carolina is a terrific state to conduct business—and field service business owners and their fleet managers want to remain as productive as possible. Cody White, owner of Scientific Calibration, a North Carolina-based pharmaceutical and research equipment company, relies on Automile for real-time location tracking. The solution has helped him manage his team more efficiently, which helps his field technicians serve clients better.

The company has gone on to take advantage of the solution’s various fleet management tools including real-time notifications and mileage tracking. White explains the value he continues to experience:  “I get peace of mind from knowing exactly where our vehicles are at any given point. This is the biggest ROI for me, and it’s been worth every penny.

Get all the details in Small Business Owner Spotlight: Scientific Calibration Increases Productivity By Embracing Telematics Technology.


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