The Automile Difference

Driving off in your vehicle is as easy as turning the ignition key, getting into gear, and working those pedals and steering wheel. Easy-peasy! But get this: it’s even easier to get your fleet telematics solution up and running. At least it should be—and it IS that easy with Automile. That’s why our customers partner with us for fleet management, compliance and mileage logging, GPS tracking, and more. Keep reading to understand the Automile difference!

The Difference is in the Customer Experience

Customer experience is at the heart of Automile’s solution. From the very beginning, we knew that business owners and fleet managers don’t have the time (or desire) to use fleet management tools that aren’t completely user-friendly and don’t seamlessly fit into their workflows—or better yet, that don’t make their workflows more cost-effective and productive.

Automile is the most affordable and cutting-edge GPS fleet tracking solution to manage your business vehicles—and our customers’ overall experience is unmatched!

The Getting-Started Difference:

There are zero barriers to using Automile:

  • Your free trial is risk-free – Give us a whirl for 30 days, with no credit card number and no questions asked.
  • Device(s) immediately shipped to your door – Literally, we overnight-ship the Automile Box (hardware) to your business so you can get started right away. For any reason, if it is not a good fit, we send you a return label so you can ship it back at no cost.
  • Plug-n-play Automile Box– No complex installation with us! Just plug the Automile Box to your OBD-II outlet. No hand tools. No cables. No software to install, no settings to adjust, no SIM cards to set up. Drive the vehicle for about 20 minutes to allow the Automile Box to sync to the vehicle.
  • Robust mobile and web apps – Once data starts compiling, you’ll have a wealth of insights at your fingertips. And your portal gets automatically updated with ongoing enhancements. This matters. On, research analyst and startup hunter Clement Vouillon says one of the things shaping the SaaS industry is what’s amounting mobile ubiquity. He cites an Intuit study finding that 43% of small business owners use a smartphone as the primary device to run their operations.
  • Competitive price – When the trial ends and you’re “sold,” you pay what it says on our website and we won’t ever surprise you with additional costs or hidden fees.


The (Smart) Technology Difference:
We’ll try not to get too technical here…

  • The Automile box is compact – The smallest OBD2 hardware on the market, it’s hard to believe this diminutive device (measuring 1.57” x 1.57” x 0.78” or 40 x 40 x 20 mm) includes a micro-processor, ARM Cortex-M3, GPS module, GSM/GPRS module, accelerometer, flash memory and OBD2 communication components. And it uses Bluetooth (no cords!) Low Energy technology. You can get more details about the Automile Box here.
  • Built-in SIM card – The Automile Box has its own SIM card and the data usage is included in your monthly subscription. (That means no added cost!)
  • You can easily move the Automile box between vehicles – and with no data loss! It’s compatible with most vehicles, too.
  • Open and user-friendly APIs – If you use other solutions, this is awesome. It means Automile can be easily integrated with other apps and our partners can take our code to keep innovating with our technology. Developers, see how we’re Making “the API” Fun Again.
  • Compliant – While Automile helps your business comply with various regulations, our technology is complaint with manufacturer warranty regulations and automotive insurance policies. In fact, learn about Cutting Insurance Costs With Fleet Telematics.

Experience the difference and start your 30-day free trial today!


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Automile is revolutionizing fleet management with it’s innovative, cloud-based, mobile, and design-first experience.

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