Team Building Tips Your Field Services Team Will Love

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Employees who spend a lot of their time out in the field can feel detached from their coworkers and whatever’s happening back at the office. But that doesn’t mean they need to feel disconnected or any less part of a team, right? Of course not. There are things you can start doing today to build some team spirit!

Why is team building important?

Think of an Olympic hockey team, the Justice League, or the New York City Ballet. It doesn’t matter if they’re defeating the incumbent champions, fighting crime, or executing finely tuned choreography—their minds, values, and sometimes their bodies work together to achieve something bigger than themselves.

You’re not trying to win a gold metal, but maybe following these team-building tips can you can beat the completion or knock your customers’ expectations out of the park:

Get on the same page. Everyone needs to understand the company’s goals and objectives—and how you’ll work together to get where you want to go. This initiative involves communicating regularly, setting expectations, and sharing feedback.

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Know each others’ roles. It’s really helpful when everyone knows what the other guys and gals are doing, how each fits in to the big picture, and how to support one another along the way.


Know each other personally, too. Coworker relationships are important for obvious reasons. But employers need to help cultivate them—setting an example and providing opportunities to have some fun. You can play team-building games  (e.g. office trivia, a field scavenger hunt), volunteer together at a community event, or just go out for pizza once in a while.


And…Rally around Telematics! Mobile workforce engagement was one of the reasons Jarod Dotson, owner and president of Dotson Group, adopted Automile. “Our team is great, and they’re so bought into everything we do here,” he says. “They see how different we are from most other old school contractors out there, and love it. Our tag line is ‘Building for a better tomorrow’, and all of us here believe in it whole-heartedly.”

“When we first signed up for Automile,” he continues, “I was a bit hesitant about getting into these systems…but from the get-go, my team was excited about it. They knew we were using the system to double-check things they were saying or doing, and there really was nothing bad about it. There was no room for another employee pointing a finger and saying, ‘Oh you didn’t work that long,’ or for anyone on the team to pad their times on the job…Because of Automile, there’s accountability on the employees’ end, and we know they are where they’re supposed to be.”

For your field services business, teamwork amongst your employees can result in more satisfied customers, a better representation of your brand, and more success…however you define it.

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