Still Sticking To “How Am I Driving” Bumper Sticker? Time To Evolve Your Fleet Safety.


Time To Evolve Your Fleet Safety.

Want to bring your fleet safety efforts up to speed? Maybe it’s time to pull off the the “How Am I Driving?” stickers from your vehicles’ bumpers. It’s not that the popular decals are causing problems, per se, it’s that they focus on problems—not opportunities.

“Call My Fleet Manager/Business Owner to Complain!”

By asking people to report your driver’s risky behavior, does that quite solve for your goals specifically around meeting and exceeding customer satisfaction? You can’t be dependent on some angry motorist calling to say, “Blasted! Your truck made a really wide turn!” or lament, “Uuuughh, your driver didn’t let me merge!”. This information isn’t very constructive, and what looks like safety monitoring is really just an exercise in futility for the disgruntled caller and you.

While drivers with “Vent Your Road Rage Rants” sticker on their vehicle’s rear-end may be more mindful of their actions, that doesn’t empower them completely as it is possible that they didn’t do anything wrong to begin with. In fact, we recently had an Automile customer share that when a motorist complained about his fleet driver, he was able to check appropriate reports and data and confirmed that his driver was not at fault and had valid reasons for how he had approached the driving at that point in time.

Get Proactive. Take Full Control. Stick to the Metrics that Matter.

If the real objective is to mitigate accident risks, reduce speeds, decrease fuel consumption, prevent unnecessary wear-and-tear on vehicles, and create a safer driving culture amongst fleet drivers, stop relying on decals. They have limitations on today’s roads, where technology is in the driver’s seat. A sticker is not going to help you cut fuel costs, stop hard braking, or motivate drivers to optimize their vehicles’ time on the road—in other words, all the things that have a real, bottom-line impact on the way you manage your vehicles and drivers.

Today’s driver safety technology—vis a vis fleet management solutions—delivers the goods. And we don’t mean customer deliveries. The bumper sticker method employs just one metric, while sophisticated vehicle telematics are designed with your driver and vehicle safety initiatives in mind.

What’s more, unlike sticker solutions that aim to identify risky drivers, fleet management technology help good drivers become better. They provide positive reinforcement through real data you can use to show drivers what they’re doing right and what they can do, specifically, to operate more optimally.

It is time to replace the complaint-o-meter with real-time monitoring and tracking technology and together – you and your driver can deliver on your customer service goals. It is time to evolve!


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