Spotlight: Millennium Lawn & Landscape Saves $130K Worth Of Stolen Equipment By Using Automile’s Vehicle Tracking Technology


Millennium Lawn and Landscape is a full-service grounds maintenance company for commercial and residential properties. The company has been the top choice of property managers and homeowners in the Greater Tampa Bay Area for over 25 years.

We had the opportunity to speak with Tyler Spears.

Tyler, What is your role at Millennium Lawn and Landscape?

I am responsible for everything related to helping the company with adopting and implementing the technology.

What type of technologies have you introduced at the company?

  1. Streamline operations by providing Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 tablets for the crew:  We decided to do this because we didn’t want our crew to worry about the fact that they will be using personal data plan and phones for business purposes.
  2. Increase Security using Lorex technology cameras:  It is great and you can look at what is going on remotely.
  3. Optimize efficiency with new custom built computer system by Cyberware I realized that doing simple things like making our printers wireless has increased our efficiency.
  4. Enable vehicle tracking using Automile: We use this to help track and secure our vehicles.
  5. Document work completed with goformz – Our crew uses it to send quick forms with editable boxes. The crew is able to submit their reports of their property to the crew leaders and we have proof of the fact that maintenance was done on the property.
  6. Grow our presence with our company website: I have built this site in-house to help us drive growth and we continue to make it better.

What were some typical challenges the company faced before Automile?

We have expensive assets, and in case of thefts, we could never recover those assets. I  knew we had to do something and started looking into a GPS technology that would be ideal for our business.

How has Automile helped your business so far?

Automile is an awesome GPS system. We had a break in at our shop yard and over $130,000 of equipment was stolen recently from one of our trucks. Within 20 minutes of finding out about the burglary, the local police were able to find and detain the criminals thanks to the constant and accurate updates that the GPS supplied. The vehicle was over 80 miles away but it wasn’t a problem to track down and coordinate with local law enforcement. When discussing the matter with the police, I was told multiple times that they have never seen a GPS system this good.

Do your employees ever feel like ‘Big Brother’ is watching when you implemented the tracking solution?

I got some questions around the moralities of why we have GPS on our vehicles. We communicated very clearly that the main reason for using the trackers was for accountability since each of our rigs contains merchandise worth $130K. It is not about trusting employees, it is about protecting the assets of the business so we can be successful in running it. Also, Automile’s trackers have significantly cut down overtime hours. Our employees understand why we do it as it helps them do their job better.

Based on your experience, what are some learnings you can share with other businesses?

I am passionate about technology so I cannot say this enough— businesses cannot be afraid of technology. It only makes your company better. There are companies that still do everything on paper and I wonder what is going on. I highly encourage businesses to embrace technology and they will see the value in it. Businesses don’t have to lose the human touch when introducing technologies, they can go hand in hand.

What matters most to us is taking care of the customers. And if technology can empower your workforce to give your customers value, that is what is important.


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