Spotlight: Eli Trevino, OSHA Instructor And Safety Leader Gives Tips To Keep Your Mobile Workforce Safe

J. Rollins Construction is a construction and pipeline ROW maintenance company servicing the energy industry. The company deals with pipeline integrity work, pipeline components, and fixing pipeline anomalies. J. Rollins Construction has about 100 employees, with a majority of them being mobile and driving on the road to complete jobs. We had the opportunity to talk to Eli Trevino, Loss Prevention Manager at J.Rollins Construction and an OSHA certified instructor and he shares safety tips for business fleet and mobile workforce.

Eli, share a bit of your background and tell us what your role at J. Rollins entails?

I’ve been in the pipeline petrochemicals business for 23 years, and I am the Loss Prevention Manager at J. Rollins. I oversee the Health, Safety, and Environmental initiatives for the company, as well as dealing with Federal and Regulatory compliance.

What are your top priorities as a safety leader? 

My top priority is the well-being of our employees. We want every employee to leave as they come in. What I mean by that is we want the workplace to be a safe working environment for the employees to come into every day.

I focus on the safety, knowledge, training, and education of our employees. Safety and health go hand-in-hand, and making sure that our employees stay safe at their job locations is important to us. Another important priority is protecting the environment and wildlife.

Since I am an OSHA instructor along with other certifications, I have trained a lot of folks on defensive driving and staying safe on the roads. I decide the right tools for our teams to use, track our budget, and find the best way to save money through our HSE initiatives.

I also make sure that the company is compliant and our employees are abiding by all the regulations that have been set forth.

What strategic initiatives you have in place to address these priorities around safety and security?

Here are the three core initiatives I am focusing on:

  • Monitoring Trends:  We closely monitor the safety incident trends within the company and use the power of data along with deep diving on cases from a qualitative perspective to get preventive measures in place. It is all about being proactive and watching out for what is working and what is not.
  • Training: Based on these trends, we provide relevant training to our mobile workforce/drivers. Whether the drivers come already trained or not, repetition and re-enforcement of safety rules is key. The most important thing here is to allocate dedicated time for training and executing on it.
  • Embracing Technology: We are learning about new technologies and implementing them to help meet our priorities and drive business results.

What specific technologies have you implemented as part of your strategy? 

Automile was implemented as a part of our safety program and is a great fit for our mobile workforce. It tells us where our vehicles are at any point during the day. The best part about Automile is its affordability. We don’t have to worry about failed cell phone service due to running out of battery or being turned off. The device is always on and now we can track it in a case of any theft.

We’ve compared the cost of replacing a stolen vehicle or a piece of equipment with the annual cost of using Automile, and it’s a no-brainer. The cost for protecting our assets is totally worth it.

What advice do you have for other businesses such as yours? 

As a nation, we need to have a high standard of work ethics and have pride in what we do. Anything businesses can do to execute on a safer environment for all stakeholders (employees, customers, wildlife, community etc.), it is a win-win for all. This can be achieved with right strategies in place and right alignment amongst the leaders in an organization.

Thank you, Eli, for sharing the importance of safety and how you approach it.


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