Say Goodbye To Paper Mileage Logs

One of the problems we aim to solve for our customers is the significant time and money currently spent on maintaining inefficient paper mileage logs. Such logs are prone to human error, and don’t track trips as accurately as our solution. But how much money and time can a business save using Automile? Let’s investigate.

A significant reason to maintain mileage logs is to ensure tax and legal compliance. Drivers will spend an average of four hours per month filling out and maintaining a paper mileage log. Similarly, the HR and payroll staff spends about eight hours per month filing documents to ensure legal compliance and managing employee business expenses.

This means that a company with only three drivers and two HR employees will spend 28 hours per month just filing paperwork. The most conservative estimates for how much money this costs businesses in terms of time is $203.00 per month if we use the U.S. national minimum wage. Most drivers and HR employees would make significantly more than the minimum wage, putting this figure closer to $400-500 per month – and that’s just for three drivers.

Moreover, the methods used to maintain a paper mileage log aren’t very accurate. People have even been advised to take pictures of the gas pump and their odometer every time they fill the tank. This method does not account for any personal trips driven, nor does it provide additional statistics that are extremely useful, such as emissions and idle time. Automile takes all the guesswork out of maintaining an accurate mileage log by tracking every trip and prompting drivers to categorize the trips as soon as the engine is off.

But Automile doesn’t just save time or money from automating the mileage reporting process. By tracking detailed trip statistics, Automile also provides savings in terms of fuel costs and utilization. The biggest reductions possible from the vehicle data we provide are idling time and the associated fuel costs.

Being able to look at your own driving behavior can lead to positive and cost-saving changes. A case study from our anonymized user data shows a reduction in idle time of 0,5 hours per day and vehicle, or 15 hours per month per driver. Using this figure, drivers save an average of 4.8 gallons of fuel, amounting to about $16 per month. These savings scaled up for larger fleets easily save thousands of dollars per month.

Automating the mileage reporting process for your business is but one of many benefits of using Automile. We can also provide risk reduction, improve fleet utilization, and improve the vehicle lifecycle. Why not try it for free? All Automile customers receive a free 60-day trial with no obligation. Sign up today!