Protecting Your Field Services Equipment from Theft With GPS Tools

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Are you facing theft issues with your field service equipment? You can use today’s advanced vehicle and asset tracking tools to protect your business from significant losses and provide invaluable peace of mind.

When it comes to the theft of your business’s most expensive investments, there’s a lot at stake—and there’s always risk to manage. Check out these statistics from Automotive Fleet:

  • A majority of fleets have an average of 2 vehicles stolen per year
  • 47% of fleets report a $1,000-$5,000 cost of stolen contents from fleet vehicles
  • Driver downtime caused by stolen vehicles can result in up to $20,000 in losses

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Protecting Your Assets Takes More Than Common Sense Defense

Training your drivers to secure their vehicles and park them in well-lit, designated areas usually isn’t enough to prevent theft. Even if you have anti-theft devices on-board, thieves are always getting craftier, upping their game to out-smart their targets.

That’s why GPS systems are becoming an important part of the loss prevention equation for many companies. Using GPS-powered geofence technology, you can put a virtual fence around a real geographic area (e.g. company parking lot) that triggers an alert when the tracked vehicle or asset leaves the defined area. You can also find your assets on a live map for speedy recovery.

Let’s say a thief gains access to one of your trucks. As soon as they drive off the property, you’ll receive an immediate notification (a text or e-mail) alerting you so you can call the police. Then, your real-time GPS tracking tools will keep you—and the authorities—aware of exactly where your asset is and where it’s heading. Even if you don’t have a geofence set up, you can locate your vehicle or tracked asset on a real-time map once you notice it’s missing.

Consider this real-world example of the technology in action:

$130,000 Recovered!

Tyler Spears of Millennium Lawn and Landscape started using Automile to track and secure their vehicles and the expensive merchandise carried in each of their rigs. He knew that without a telematics solution, there was nothing they could do to recover their assets if they were stolen.

And just like that, Millennium has already saved $130,000 worth of stolen equipment since adopting Automile. Spears explains what happened after a break-in at their shop yard: “Within 20 minutes of finding out about the burglary,” he says, “the local police were able to find and detain the criminals thanks to the constant and accurate updates that the GPS supplied. The vehicle was over 80 miles away,” he continues, “but it wasn’t a problem to track down and coordinate with local law enforcement. When discussing the matter with the police, I was told multiple times that they have never seen a GPS system this good.”

It’s easy to see why a GPS system is an important way to secure vehicles—and their contents—against theft. And when you compare the price you pay for the technology to the costs of potential losses, it’s a no-brainer:

“The way I look at it,” claims Victor Jones of Royal Limousine, “there was about $1,000-$1,500 worth of assets being stolen per month. So in one month of using Automile and saving that money, I’ve already paid for a year of using Automile and keeping my assets protected.”

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