Primetime Timing Protects 100K+ worth of Equipment with Automile’s Asset Trackers

protect from theft

Primetime Timing has been around for years and has pushed through a couple merging ventures.  The company transports video, score-keeping, and audio equipment to and from sporting events of many different variations from small local settings to D1 meets.  These venues are located all across the United States and the company is kept busy.  We got on a call with Cody to go into more depth on the company’s success.

What triggered the need for an Asset tracker?

  1. Keeping Track of Vehicles-We have a lot of equipment traveling the country and being parked in many different locations.  Our events depend on the content of the trucks and trailers being where we think they should be.  If a vehicle isn’t exactly where it should be, that can get pretty terrifying.
  2. Value of Goods- We had a vehicle get stolen loaded with equipment valued at well over $90,000.  That is an experience that can put a pretty big damper on the day.  We thought it would come in handy if we had a way to always know where our equipment was at, just to avoid the hassle of having to track it down.  Sometimes we’ll have a trailer parked in the middle of Wisconsin for a while.  I need to be able to track that with ease to go pick it up.  It was kinda depressing to get a call from an employee saying, “Heeeyy, I think the equipment got stolen.”  I’d like to avoid that for future events.
  3. Employee Location- We wanted to have insight for if an employee was running late to an event with equipment that was needed.  That way we could find out exactly where the employee is located.  This reduces the hassle of having to just go by word of mouth and have an exact ETA.

Why Automile?

We actually had used another system before but since have moved away from the company’s service for a number of reasons.  I looked around when shopping for another provider because we just needed more from the system.  That’s when I found Automile.

  1. Price- We save about $20/device/month moving from our old provider to Automile.  It’s great too because we don’t lose any of the benefits, we actually gain a couple features that weren’t present before.
  2. Ease of Use- Automile is very simple to use and has a nice user-interface in the app.  It didn’t seem like I wasted much time with figuring out how to get the app to run.  I always like trying out new things with new tech and Automile serviced that side of me.  The geofences are really straightforward.  It’s great when I get to a hotel with all of our equipment, I can take just a second to make a geofence for the Automile Asset Tracker and know that if it leaves, I will be made aware.
  3. Install on Equipment- The install was very simple.  On our previous system the boxes were big and heavy, pretty much had no way to conceal them on a trailer or truck.  With Automile’s Asset Tracker device we simply locate an easy to conceal spot, and throw it in place.  It’s great that the tracker comes with an internal battery as well.  We don’t have any hardwired to our trailers but will shortly.  I really like that the battery still seems to last more than long enough.
  4. API Integration- It’s really cool that there is a full integration available with resources so what ever I want to tap into I can.  Automile isn’t just a one and done design.  I can make it into whatever I need.

Automile is great.  I saw an ad and the rest is history.  We haven’t had a problem with theft since we’ve had a GPS tracker system, of which Automile is our second, but it’s nice being able to sleep easy.  I love the move alerts of the Asset Tracker.  That even if I’m sleeping, I can be notified that our setup is moving and can then take action.

What ROI have you seen so far?

  1. Cost Savings- As mentioned we have saved money moving from our old system, Verizon Fleetmatics, to Automile.  It’s worth every penny.  Especially worth every penny as we plan on ordering more devices for other assets, that $20 will add up quick.
  2. Peace of Mind- Knowing that our equipment, when parked randomly somewhere, is going to alert us if moved, makes it worth it.  It helps to have a birds eye on what’s going on around you.  We can now keep track of many aspects of the business. The customer service Automile has provided has been priceless as well.  I’ve only talked with friendly people who are willing to help.  Our employees like the device as well.  They were around when our setup got stolen and they like having the Asset Tracker so if it ever happened to them, it’s an easy fix.
  3. Payroll- We now have an insight that wasn’t readily available before Automile.  We know when employees are running later and we can see where they are located when doing so.  This helps us to make sure that we are recording things correctly for accounting purposes.

What best business practices do you have for the business community?

Always be smart with keeping track of the workings of your business.  It’s just smart to know where all the different branches are at and how they are operating.  This will help to avoid catastrophes in the future.  We used this idea when adopting Automile and it has helped our business in ways that weren’t available before.