Why Pest control businesses depend on vehicle tracking solutions?

Why Pest control businesses depend on vehicle tracking solutions

Pest control businesses depend on vehicle tracking solutions for the same reason your customers depend on you: because you get rid of the bugs. We’re referring, of course, to the “bugs” in your manual workflows—all the things that get in the way of your business running as smoothly as, say, hundreds of centipedes gliding their way across a basement floor.

Once you’ve recovered from that image (although it’s all in a day’s work for you, right?) let’s see how fleet telematics solutions can come to your rescue:

Automating for Faster Service

Automation technology—think GPS—helps pest control businesses stay on top of what needs to be done, and even ahead of schedule. That’s always a good thing, especially in a business where service calls have “emergency” written all over them.

If you receive a call from a frantic customer—“Eeek! There’s a raccoon in my attic!”—you’ve got to get a technician (and a trap) to the address, pronto! Rather than looking at the schedule and making calls to figure out who’s closest to technician, a trusty vehicle tracking tool can tell you right away.

Take it from Cody Bledsoe, Service Manager at 855Bugs.com, a full-service residential and commercial pest control company based in Texas. He’s also an Automile customer. “With Automile,” he says, “we can bring up a map and know where all our trucks are so I know that if I have a house that needs to be done in a neighborhood, I can see which vehicles are closest to this neighborhood and get someone over there as fast as possible.”

Learn more in 855Bugs.com – Pest Control Company Partners with Automile To Manage Their Business Vehicles.

Keeping a Competitive Advantage…

Maintaining a competitive edge comes down to always delivering responsive, dependable service that keeps customers (but not necessarily their snakes and termites) coming back for more. And isn’t that what we were just talking about? A comprehensive vehicle tracking solution helps you stay on top of technicians’ whereabouts so you’re known as the #1 fastest pest control business around.

…and Bringing In New Business
It’s also the type of service that your customers tell their neighbors and business associates about: “Wowsa! You have a problem with stink bugs? Have we got a referral for you!” And that better be YOU they’re referring—not the pest control outfit across town. Dig deeper in How Field Service Businesses Can Amplify Word of Mouth Marketing.

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