OEMs: A New Way To Deliver Asset Security (and Peace of Mind) to Your Customers

When meeting the needs of today’s OEM customer, asset security is top of mind. It’s right up there with customer service and product quality. It’s essential—and anything you can do to bring additional value to the relationship (think: peace of mind) can really pay off.

Safe & Secure Assets = Better-Served Customers

Let’s take a look at how Automile’s new AnyTrack, the world’s smallest and most reliable security device, can help OEMs power customer relationships with innovative, next-generation support and services that bring peace of mind.

Q: With AnyTrack, what can you offer your customers?

A: The ability to track, retrieve and manage their vehicles: cars, trucks, tractors, construction equipment, ATVs, snow-mobiles, boats, and other assets that you can co-label, re-label, resell or integrate into your manufacturing.

The self-installed AnyTrack will help to…

  • Hide and protect the product from intruders
  • Detect movements including anti-theft applications, 24x7x365
  • Give your customers predictive service information and up-to-date product information and safety notices

You can also offer AnyTrack as an accessory to your dealer network. They’ll love that the value-added product doesn’t require a costly complex installations or setups.

Learn how easy it is to install in 1-2-3 in Raise Your Hand If You’re Interested In Automile’s AnyTrack.

Automile Anytrack

Backed By Powerful Technology

AnyTrack is 2G/3G/4G enabled and comes with “free communication across 54-countries”. It features Automile’s:

  • Standardized JSON/REST-based API, part of our Core©, for custom integrations
  • Beautiful intuitive mobile apps for Android and iOS and web app

What’s more, AnyTrack:

  • Is IP68 waterproof and dustproof and has a high operating temperature range—so it’s sturdy!
  • Has a high precision GPS receiver with proprietary antenna technology—so it detects without being seen by intruders!
  • Contains a battery that can last for weeks without any external power—so it’s ultra-dependable!

Plus, your customers can have access to first, second, or third-line support that responds within minutes over chat, e-mail or voice in both North America and Europe.

More questions? Interested in pre-ordering AnyTrack? Learn more here – https://www.automile.com/anytrack.