NPSG Recovers Stolen Asset Using Automile’s Tracking Solution



National Property Solutions Group (NPSG) has 30+ years of property management and building services, including landscaping and 50+ years of construction and design, including site development and tenant buildout. NPSG serves one of the world’s largest e-commerce companies.

We had the opportunity to speak to Russ Ripsom at NPSG.

Russ, tell us a bit about yourself and your role at NPSG?

I have about 12+ years of supply chain experience and worked at companies like GE. I joined NPSG in 2016 and am the operations analyst. I collaborate closely with our regional project managers and also work with our West Coast operations.

Do you have your own vehicles or does the company lease them?

Earlier we were leasing vehicles but realized that our lifetime ROI is better if we just own them.

The field crew was not kind to rental vehicles resulting in higher cost and owning them enabled us to keep a better control of everything. So, we started acquiring our own vehicles.

The ownership of vehicles prompted us to look for a tracking solution like Automile.

What technology products do you use at NPSG?

We use several tech products to help us be productive and efficient with our business. Here are some key solutions we use.

Intuit’s Enterprise Suite – for payroll, accounting, invoicing etc.

Replicon – for project management and employee time sheet.

and Of course Automile – for managing our fleet of vehicles.

Russ, that is great to hear. How is Automile working for you?

We have year-long projects and the field crew would drive our vehicles to a specific site and use it throughout the project. We have a specific travel policy in place for the field crew and it calls out what is considered as authorized travel vs. not.

But we noticed behaviors where vehicles were being taken to unauthorized locations. Automile provides us key data points which helps us a lot as we are able to have a conversation with our crew and drive the right behavior about speeding and unauthorized use.

In fact, recently we had our Ford E-150 Econo Van stolen and we were able to use the real-time tracking data provided by Automile to recover it in no time. We had dropped off the vehicle to be serviced at Midas and I was notified that the vehicle was no longer located at the Midas when our team was going to give the Van keys to the Midas personnel. I immediately reviewed the Live vehicle location using Automile which showed the van had been idling for 8 hours at a location where we ultimately recovered it by sharing that info with the Grapevine police department.

Prior to Automile, when we had these incidents before, we had no visibility into the whereabouts of our assets.

Automile was pivotal in the recovery of our recent stolen asset.

Russ, Great to hear you were able to recover the stolen asset. Did you look at other solutions prior to selecting Automile?

Yes, we looked at many other solutions. We found out that Automile provides lowest cost option for us and the best data for the price compared to other solutions. We have been very happy with the results.

Based on your years of experience, any best practice that you want to share with the broader field service community?

I would say automation and innovation is key to success. The more we automate our processes with usable data, it gives us the ability to make strategic decisions. So, my key takeaway based on my experience is – with innovation and automation comes great outcomes!