The New York Guide to Field Services Success

New York guide to field services success

Upstate, downstate, New York City. From Times Square to Niagara Falls, wherever field services businesses in the state call home, they’re contributing to the third largest economy in the country. Let’s take a drive, flight, or ferry “ever upward” and learn more about running a field services business in New York state.

Start Spreading the News (and the Services) Across the Empire State

New York might be the financial capital of the world, and the lights might shine brightest on Broadway, but the state’s small businesses have so much to offer its vast and varied communities. More than 2 million small businesses—that’s over 7% of the national total—are located in every region, community and neighborhood of the state, making it a great place to operate a small business. Maybe in one of these key New York state industries?

  • Professional and Technical Services – An estimated 647,000 New Yorkers worked in professional and technical services in 2015. And according to Department of Labor research, it’s the only significant industry that displayed faster-than-average job growth rate, faster-than-average salary growth rate, and an average weekly wage above the state average. (Investopedia)
  • Manufacturing – the state has seen a rise in both food and technical manufacturing, and an entrepreneurial boom in 2014 led to financial gains in the sector. New York’s computer and electronic product manufacturing industry’s statewide average annual wage was more than 40% above the all-industry average annual wage in 2014. (New York State Department of Labor)
  • Construction – The construction industry in New York is ripe with opportunities. Skilled trades occupations in the construction of buildings (e.g. carpenters, operations managers, and construction laborers,) and in specialty trades (e.g. electricians, plumbers, and steamfitters) have seen significant job growth in New York—and, no doubt, will continue to impact the growth of field service businesses. (New York State Department of Labor)

Fast Facts on New York Highways

New York field services business’ technicians have a lot of road to travel. Consider these stats from the National Transportation Research Group (TRIP):

  • 72% of the $550 billion worth of commodities delivered annually from sites in New York is transported by trucks on the state’s highways.
  • 35% of New York’s urban Interstates experience congestion during peak hours.
  • Motor vehicle crashes cost New York $19.5 billion per year, $1,027 for each resident, in medical costs, lost productivity, travel delays, workplace costs, insurance costs and legal costs.

How Fleet Telematics Solutions Help New York Field Services Businesses

Field services business owners and fleet managers in New York depend on fleet telematics solutions to help them:

Save Costs.

According to TRIP, traffic congestion costs American motorists $121 billion a year in wasted time and fuel costs. Imagine the impact on commercial vehicles doing work in and around New York City alone! Fleet telematics tools make it easy to optimize vehicle fuel consumption—everything from managing expenses to getting on top of gas-guzzling driving behaviors like idling.

But aside from fuel costs, telematics solutions help small business automate many of their fleet-related process (like mileage tracking) and give managers real-time insights into the location and driving events of company vehicles and drivers. It all adds up to bottom-line efficiency, more productive operations, and happier clients.


Stay Safe.

New York roads—especially in urban areas—are jam-packed with action. And that means hazards of every ilk. It also means the job of managing fleets, no matter how large or small, requires attention to both vehicle and driver safety at all times.

Paul Schiavone of New York’s Nagle Athletic Surfaces uses Automile as a safety and security feature to understand where the drivers and vehicles are at all times. He explains, “We can make sure that the employees have reached the destination without having to call them on their phone…. I get peace of mind knowing that my drivers and vehicles are safe.”

Learn more in Small Business Owner Spotlight: Phil Schiavone, Nagle Athletic Surfaces.


New York Field Services Resources

These organizations want to help your field service business succeed:

  • America’s SBDC New York provides business consulting and educational services to New Yorkers who want to start a business or improve an existing business.
  • Business Express guides New York small business owners through business and professional requirements.


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