What Makes A Great Mobile App For Field Service Businesses?

Field sErvice mobile app

Field service businesses are mobile, so they better be using great mobile apps. But what makes for a great mobile app? The answer: simplicity and robustness, two sides of the same (very valuable) coin. Let us explain.

Field service businesses are built on being mobile—delivering services to customers out in the field. This means that field services business owners, managers, and technicians are also mobile. So wouldn’t it make sense that their productivity tools are also mobile?

Apps Built for Mobility

Consider the owner of a typical construction company. He’s got about 20 employees working on several concurrent projects. He’s always on-the-go, visiting his various job sites, making decision after decision, and doing his fair share of hands-on work. All the while, he’s got to stay on top of:

  • Customer expectations, which means he has to know where to send his mobile workforce in a timely manner.
  • Vehicle condition, so he knows he has healthy resources to send out for supplies.
  • Employee field expenses, because he’ll need an accurate record of when a worker stops to get fuel (and he doesn’t want to mess around with dog-eared receipts)

And in order to get any of this done, he really needs access to up-to-date information, on-demand. Where are his vehicles? Are they in top condition? Can he manage expenses at the gas station? Yes. And he gets all of this functionality from his fleet telematics solution’s mobile app.

Because Every Minute Matters

As our example demonstrates, the field service business owner and his employees are on the road and they need mobile tools to work effectively. And GPS technology, basic diagnostics data, and expense reporting are just at the tip of the iceberg—they’re just three parts of a great mobile app experience that makes running a field service business easier.

And here’s what makes that field services mobile app experience really great:

1) Mobile App Simplicity

Working on a mobile device—especially to stay productive—has to be easy. The experience has to be intuitive and solve problems in real-time. For example, what if a truck en route to a construction site breaks down? The business owner needs to respond immediately to get workers to the site. All he should have to do is look at his mobile app and locate another employee near the client job site and send them over. This cannot be complex. See the value?

2) Mobile App Robustness

Here’s where we flip over that coin. The best-in-class mobile app is going to offer a ton of functionality—and make it all easily accessible, requiring nothing more than a few simple taps. They’re going to give business owners access to real-time vehicle tracking, vehicle health data, and expense recording—and so much more—in an interface that makes sense when they need to use the tools.

Interestingly, most of the mobile apps field services businesses are using are not built for mobility. Sure, they offer mobile access, but they’re not mobile-first. Automile’s solution is mobile-first—meaning its simple and robust, delivering a mobile experience our customers thank us for every day. Find out more in The Automile Difference.

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