How to Make Your Service Company Wildly Successful

make your company successful


What service company doesn’t want to be described as “wildly successful?” It’s music to the business owners’ ears, and their employees can get excited about it, too. But what does it even mean, and what does it take to make this a reality for your service company?

What does wildly successful mean, anyway?

Working with customers in and across various service industries—and running a “wildly successful” business of our own—has given us some insights. Achieving success is more than breaking even at the end of the year or turning a hefty profit. Yes, financial success can make you wildly happy, but it’s not the whole story.

Wild success looks like a big-picture, 360-degree view of confetti and streamers—like a party hosted by and enjoyed by all of the company’s stakeholders. So we think that wildly happy customers, a wildly happy team, and yes—some wildly well-managed numbers—all add up to wild success.

How about taking a closer look? Here’s how to get wild success:

1) Provide A WOW Customer Experience, Every Time

First and foremost, you have to delight your customers. Show up on time. Deliver on your promises. Put in that something extra to show them why you’re the service provider of choice. Give them something to smile about. Give them reasons to tell their friends and neighbors about how great you are. These aren’t specific directives. But the point is to approach your customer relationships with care and appreciation—and put them first. They are the reason you’re in business and treat them as such. They’ll be “wowed,” and you’ll be successful.

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2) Pay Attention To Your Team

Your employees are out there in the field getting the job done. They’re face-to-face with clients, doing the work, getting technical, and delivering the goods. They’re the ones providing that WOW experience to your customers. By golly, make sure they’re getting what they need to do their best work. Keeping them happy and engaged in their jobs is critical—what’s stopping them from leaving your operation to join a competitor’s? Hopefully, a lot is keeping them under your employ.

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3) Optimize Your Operations 

We said that financials and other such numbers need to be part of the success equation. Running a business inefficiently—that is, not staying on top of daily tasks, failing to use technology to boost productivity, and not having the right staff in place—costs a lot! It costs you in dollars-and-cents and also in opportunity costs. So if you want to be wildly successful, do everything you can do to work more efficiently. Automate what you can. Delegate responsibilities so you can focus on strategic initiatives. Stop leaving money on the table.

More service businesses are using telematics solutions like Automile to manage their fleets and save costs related to fuel, maintenance, and vehicle health. Telematics tools also give them real-time visibility into vehicles and technicians, making it easier to serve customers and provide that WOW experience, not to mention make employees happy. And yes, become wildly successful in the process.

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