Large Fleet, Small Fleet: Same Challenges At Different Scale

Fleet of vehicles

When you consider some companies have over 60,000 trailers, more than 11,000 tractors, and up to 4,000 trucks, it kind of puts field services business fleet management into perspective. Whether you have a large fleet, or small fleet,  you’d be surprised how similar your challenges—and solutions—actually are.

Technology: The Great Enabler

Companies of every size turn to technology solutions to help them streamline operations, save costs, deliver better products and services, and so much more. But not too long ago, the latest-and-greatest software systems and tech-fueled business tools were within reach of only the biggest companies (that is, those with the biggest budgets).

Most of these solutions were housed on-premise and required custom software development and in-house maintenance. In the fleet management space, these included legacy solutions that were expensive to deploy and, by today’s standards, inconvenient to access. All in all, yesterday’s fleet tracking tools were generally cost-prohibitive to the average field services SMB.


Cloud-Based Technology: The Great Equalizer

Today’s cloud-based technology is evening the playing field, putting game-changing systems into the vehicles of even the smallest operations. It’s affordable and scalable, and actually designed and developed for field service businesses and the types of vehicles used—not necessarily for corporations with behemoth, heavy fleets.

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But that’s almost beside the point. The use cases are largely the same, no matter how big the truck or large the fleet. Fleet telematics tools are being leveraged by companies of every size to help them manage:

  • Technician and driver safety
  • Real-time tracking
  • Fleet vehicle maintenance
  • Resource optimization
  • Customer service
  • And so much more!

Smaller field services operations value the same capabilities insights. Jarod Dotson of general contracting and design consultant company, Dotson Group, shares that their team uses Automile’s vehicle tracking and real-time tools to coordinate resources. “When [employees] are out at job sites and need construction material or other things from the team,” he explains, “I can see who is close to them on the Automile live map, and ask that employee to help them out.”

Similarly, Brett Yates of Yates Company, a Building Automation System and solutions provider and Automile customer, uses his telematics tools to “dispatch our mobile workforce in a timely manner by looking at who was closest to the project site,” and, he adds, to cut down on fuel usage, help with fleet upkeep, and lowering maintenance costs. Just like the (really) big guys.

There are myriad examples just like these: simply browse through our customer stories for inspiration. Whether it is a company from Transport Topic’s  Top 100 Private Carriers in North America or the small businesses managing a handful of vehicles, technology is here to the rescue.


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