Interview with Automile Founder Jens Nylander

What is Automile? How did it all start? Read on as we talk to founder Jens Nylander about this project and what led him on this journey to create the next generation of connected cars.

Jens, can you describe what is Automile?
Automile is aiming to become the largest platform for connecting drivers with their car’s data to get the best of their driving and budget. We want to divide our offer to disrupt and test the conventional fleet market by launching Automile.

How did it start?
Everything started in 2005 when I was facing issues with having an electronic trip logger for my business vs. personal trips. Companies at that time were supplying large products requiring installation, wires and downloading data by USB or COM-ports. I started to think about how you can disrupt the market and a new cigarette lighter based tracking solution was developed. Eventually, I was somewhat early and after going back to the roots of the IT-industry I decided to aim for the connected car market again in 2012, and we started the development in late 2012.

How did you find the name of Automile and what does it mean?
I typically write down all the names I can think of and regularly test these on people. I quite early did see that most people reminded themselves of Automile rather than the other names. This was crucial, having a name that’s easily understandable and that people are reminded about.

What are the best things about the team you’ve put together?
The team contains everything that I believe in, superior excellence in development and design and continuing to deliver the best experience and features available in the market. Even having the possibility to onboard the best possible entrepreneur style CEO was a tremendous achievement for me.

Describe your most difficult moment at Automile?
Building an ecosystem that provides high uptime, virtually able to scale to millions of users without having to rebuild the system every year. Think big, rather than small, from day one. This put pressure on the small team to come up with solutions that scales in every possible way.

Which reaction from Automile private Beta users has been the most surprising for you?
That when the box is installed it stays there forever, no struggling with Bluetooth, wires etc. It just works!

What would you do differently if you could re-start Automile?
Tell my wife that I need to work 24x7x365 to nearest years before starting the project.

Sepab ExyLog

What’s your best souvenir at Automile?
The old tracking device that I installed in my car 2005, still available in the market today under the name Sepab ExyLog.

What are the some of the best things about building-up the next Internet platform in Stockholm?
Access to great people that can leverage our true vision together with all other team members. Also having the benefit of acting in an entrepreneur friendly country attracting investments is crucial when delivering the next generation of internet platforms.