Automile Releases Industry-First Real-Time Tracking Making Updates 2X Faster

Let’s talk about a product update that’s a huge win-win! It impacts one of Automile’s most-used features— the Live Map. We’ve been able to deploy a brand new, high-resolution tracking technology, and it speeds up insights customers gets about their vehicles’ whereabouts while keeping overall costs low, which is not an easy thing to accomplish. But we are thrilled we have achieved it!

Here is more on the Revolutionary Update to Real-Time Tracking:

It’s a major improvement on what was pretty cool, to begin with.
The Live Map on the web or mobile interface used to receive updates (in other words, the map would “refresh”) every 2nd minute and contained location updates every 30 seconds, along with speed, rpm, etc., per second. Not too shabby!

But customer feedback—plus our observation of our customers’ usage—indicated that we have to make the experience even better.

Live Map will now drive more (and faster!) success for your business.
Now, Live Map updates 2X faster than before! It will deliver instant tracking data and update every 15 seconds. This rapid speed of data update within such a short period of time at the cost that we have been able to achieve, is unprecedented in the industry. In fact, a prospect just told us, “The 15-second updates are way faster than anyone else I have seen!”.

The experience of monitoring your vehicles’ whereabouts has been significantly accelerated. Consider the impact on your ability to locate drivers and respond to customer needs!

real-time tracking

What is the secret – How did we achieve this? 

We’ve been developing our technology’s IoT communication stack for years so that it effectively reduces data transfer overhead and cost of mobile carrier networks for both the Automile Box and AnyTrack. This, along with a resilient storage infrastructure, enables us to process over 18 billion records per month.

That’s a lot of Live Map tracking power literally at your fingertips.

That’s not all – we have made our already awesome design slicker!

This drives home our principle of making the design so simple, that it never comes in the way of the core value the product should and must always deliver.

From the stunning design of the custom-colored vehicle itself on the map to the current trip the vehicle is taking, the overall design is beyond beautiful and valuable to field service businesses wanting to know the quick answer to questions like – “Where exactly is my vehicle?”.


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