How to Manage Your Field Services Data With Ease

Fleet Data

This day and age, field services companies of all sizes are amassing large amounts of data—usually from a variety of data sources. Business owners find that “wrangling” this data is difficult and time-consuming without the right set of big data tools. But that’s where unified fleet tracking, asset tracking, and field services software comes in.

The Dynamic Universe of Field Services Data

Consider the many sources of your field services business data:

  • Employee timesheets
  • Driving logs, mileages logs, etc.
  • Employee receipts for gas, tolls, parking, etc.
  • Employee expense reports
  • Vehicle inspection reports
  • Technician schedules
  • Job orders
  • Invoices
  • And more!

And consider the type of date you’re using on a daily basis to manage your field services business:

  • GPS data
  • Customer data
  • Job/order data
  • Vehicle diagnostics
  • And more!

And now consider how many different apps and/or devices (or file folders and desk drawers) you’re accessing to collect, view, and store the data, from your desktop computer to mobile phone.

Data, Data, Data!

It all gets a tad overwhelming, doesn’t it? What’s a field services business to do? Here’s how Tate Freundlich of Green Ride explains his pre-Automile challenges with the decentralization of data collection:

“The data will come from all different types of sources. For example, we will have to take what employees will write on vehicle inspection report and enter into the database….Then we were using a tablet for GPS location, where someone spent a lot of time and that would be another source. Using tablet GPS to find locations wasn’t always accurate. All it takes is the driver tapping the wrong icon and the data is inaccurate.”

Multiple sources, manual entry, user error…ouch. But by adopting Automile, he has centralized a huge amount of his field services business’s data and has a one-stop-shop (the Automile app!) for managing it.

The data that’s collected and accessible in real-time and report-ready format can used to improve customer service, technician/schedule optimization, driver safety, vehicle maintenance…the list goes on and on. In fact, take a look at: Automile Feature Showcase: Reports Giving Data Intelligence To Field Service Businesses.

And what’s more, Automile has simple REST based API—along with smart notifications with webhooks—to make integrating, extending, and building on top of Automile easy and fun, bringing more value to your data! Learn more in Making The API Fun Again.


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