Carelink, Home Healthcare Service Provider, Partners with Automile For Accurate Mileage Logging

Carelink mileage logging

Carelink is a home healthcare service that supports individuals to live as independently as possible in the comfort of their own homes. The company’s mission is ‘to respectfully and compassionately meet the needs of our clients and their families, by listening, planning, educate, and delivering the highest quality of individualized home healthcare’ and is located in Vineland, New Jersey.

We had the opportunity to speak to O. Sode, the administrator, and founder of Carelink.

Sode, what does Carelink do, and what is your role at the company?

As a nurse in the health care industry, I noticed that there was a need for at-home healthcare— a lot of people needed help, and a lot of people needed jobs. So, I started Carelink, a New Jersey-based home healthcare service provider, in 2009.

We provide different types of services through home care like skilled nursing, rehabilitation, personal care, physical therapy, companionship etc.

I am the administrator of the company and I oversee everything that is part of this business.

Can you tell us a little bit about your mobile workforce?

We have 100 employees, all of whom are essentially mobile. All our employees commute to patient’s homes to provide the necessary healthcare. Our employees have set hours when they need to be present at the patient’s home, and typically work between 2-6 hours a day. Our tasks are time sensitive, and our staff sticks to a strict timeline for the patients.

While most of our employees use their own personal vehicles to commute, we have 4 managers who are provided with company vehicles for official use. These managers oversee the working of the staff. They drive around making sure all the jobs are being done correctly and the patients are being taken care of in the right manner.

The company pays for the mileage incurred on the 4 company vehicles. The vehicles are picked up from the company location at the start of the job, and are dropped back at the company at the end of the job by the managers.

That’s great! What challenges did you face with the mobile workforce?

When the vehicles are used for business purposes, we are responsible for accurate mileage tracking. But our accounting team didn’t have access to the vehicle mileage records for bookkeeping purposes.

And in the case of an emergency or a vehicle breakdown, we had no way of knowing the location of the vehicle.

What made you look for a telematics solution?

For bookkeeping purposes, I would manually log my miles on my car, but there were times when I forgot. To make it easier, I started looking for a mileage logging device. I found a company that offered a logging solution, but it wasn’t very convenient to use— when it was plugged in, it would drain the battery on my car and wouldn’t allow the car to start. I would physically disconnect the device, start my car, and then connect the device again to be able to drive successfully. With this hassle, it was getting to a point where tracking mileage was getting to be really stressful.

Then I found Automile, and after testing it out on my personal car, I ordered more for all my company vehicles. Even though the other solution was slightly cheaper than Automile, I still went with Automile because it is a more reliable solution, and that is important to me.

How has Automile helped address these challenges?

We have Automile devices on all our company vehicles. With the mileage reports features, all we have to do is print a report out each month to keep track of the mileage incurred on each car. I also track how much gas is used by vehicle.

We use Notifications to keep track of when a trip has started and when a trip has ended. That way I know that my company vehicles are in use, and I can expect them to be returned to the office location by the end of the managers’ work hours.

In case of any emergencies, we track our vehicles’ location on the Automile Live Map. There was an instance when my manager who was on the way to a client location lost her way and was unable to figure out where to go next. So I located her vehicle on the Automile Live Map, and gave her turn-by-turn instructions to reach her destination.

And when a different manager’s car broke down while she was driving back from a client location, I found her location on the Live Map, contacted a tow truck to help her out, and informed them of her location.   

We have helped our mobile workforce understand that we use Automile mainly for mileage logging, and for bookkeeping purposes. We only track their vehicles if needed, like in the case of emergencies. Sometimes my employees drive from a good neighborhood to a bad one, and it helps to know where their vehicle is at.

What ROI have you noticed since using Automile?

The mileage reports save me a lot of time. Instead of manually tracking start time and end time, and noting down mileage from each car, it’s now all automated and accurate.

What advice do you have for other business owners?

When you know what you need, you need to go find it. Automile as a product speaks for itself and sets a better standard than other companies that claim to do the same thing. It offers a portal with several different solutions including fleet tracking and mileage logging.

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