Why “Getting Started With Automile” Is Our #1 Priority

Have you ever been really excited about trying a new product or service, only to find the experience left you feeling like a deflated balloon? Or have you ever started signing up for a free software trial and got stopped in your tracks when asked to provide some annoying detail (like a credit card number) you didn’t have handy? Most people call these buzz-kills. In the SaaS biz, we call this really poor customer onboarding. And it doesn’t lead to success for anyone. Getting started with a new technology solution should be easy. Customers are eager to start solving their business challenges—not create new ones.

Operation: Let’s Make This Easy For You

So what makes for “frictionless onboarding,” the holy grail of customer start-up success? Let’s see what some technology and SaaS pros have to say.

A post on Chargify’s blog provides tips from a number of industry leaders—

  • According to Leo Widrich, Co-Founder of social media sharing app Buffer, it’s important “not to overwhelm new customers…and (not to) show our customers everything the second they sign up for our product.”
  • To get users value as quickly as possible, Paul Boyce, Co-Founder, and CEO of marketing analytics solution provider Popcornmetrics.com, recommends providing one-on-one customer support as early as day one to help review setup and answer questions.
  • Sean Si, Founder and CEO of both SEO Hacker and Qeryz, says his “#1 tip I have is to have the least amount of friction as possible.” Isn’t that what we said?!


Automile’s User-First Approach to Onboarding

Automile strives to provide our customers with the absolute best experience when they get started with us, even if “getting started” means testing out our solution with a free trial. Onboarding is critical because it’s our one chance to get business owners up-and-running (make that driving) with our solution and show them immediate value.

We invest quite a bit of our development time and energy on making sure customers’ end-to-end experience exceeds expectations from the get-go, especially since we offer an IoT solution with a hardware device—an actual physical component. We have to ensure that the Automile Box reaches customers fast and that they can simply plug it in and instantly begin syncing vehicle data with our servers.

Read more about the Automile Box in The OBD II – The Portal To Service Businesses’ Success

And it Keeps Getting Better

Our development and design team is constantly working with the rest of the Automile organization—and directly with customers—to find out what’s working (and what’s not) so we can respond quickly with a better user experience.

In fact, we recently introduced an onboarding workflow for mobile: When a new user downloads the Automile app, they will experience a visual interactive workflow that instantly helps them understand the core functionalities.

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