Get Strategic About Fleet Management in 3 Steps

Get Strategic about Fleet Operations


There comes a time when you need to take a more strategic approach to fleet management. You know it’s time when your team isn’t as productive or efficient as it could be—and it’s showing in the bottom line. It’s when your workday is defined by “busywork.” It’s when you don’t have time to think ahead. Sound familiar?

Here are 3 steps to put you in the right direction—and help you start getting strategic about fleet management:

  1. Automate

If you and your technicians are bogged down with repetitive manual tasks, like mileage logging, automating them is will save time, energy, and money. Automating processes is a strategic move because it frees your people up to focus on serving customers (not paperwork) and can eliminate the costs associated with human error. And think of the opportunity costs of missing out on new business because you’re too “busy” with manual tasks.

Embracing automation enables you to embrace more strategic, income generating activities!

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  1. Measure

Maybe you haven’t had time to define hard goals for your fleet or fleet management efforts. You may have a rough idea how much you want to spend on fuel, for example, but have you defined a target? Do you measure your weekly or monthly fuel usage? Do you evaluate the vehicle and driver events that impact fuel usage? Have you put any best practices in place to minimize fuel consumption—and measured to see how they’re working?

If you start using data to inform your fleet decisions, you’ll get more strategic in no time. That’s because data can tell you how efficiency (or lack thereof) is translating to your bottom line. Data gives you something to work with, to benchmark, to measure against. It helps set you in motion—and keep you in motion—toward meeting, and even exceeding, your business goals. And that’s strategic fleet management in a nutshell.

In Spotlight: Eli Trevino, OSHA Instructor And Safety Leader Gives Tips To Keep Your Mobile Workforce Safe, Eli Trevino of J Rollins Construction shares that one of the company’s strategic fleet initiatives is monitoring trends. “We closely monitor the safety incident trends within the company and use the power of data along with deep diving on cases from a qualitative perspective to get preventive measures in place,” he says. “It is all about being proactive and watching out for what is working and what is not.”

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  1. Hire

“Talent” is one of the 3 “T” Questions Field Service Businesses Need To Ask In 2017. Hiring a strong leader to focus on your fleet—one of your biggest company assets—ensures that all the I’s are dotted and the T’s are crossed. Aside from managing the day-to-day operations such as customer appointment and technician schedules, they can stay on top of vehicle maintenance. They can implement the right fleet policies for your company, select the right fleet vehicles, manage supplier relationships, and find technology solutions to help boost productivity.

“With the kind of laws and regulations that are around for companies today, a lot of companies skip out on hiring a fleet supervisor,” says Chuck Lamb, Fleet Supervisor of Automile customer hth companies. “There is not much attention paid to monitor the health and operations of the fleet. I believe that with the right operations and the right hire in place to manage the health of your fleet, a vehicle can save you just as much money as you spent buying it.”

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Having the right talent in place enables you to shift your focus away from operational concerns and toward company strategy.

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