Why Fleet Management Software is a Must-Have for Field Services Businesses


Field services businesses use fleet management software to get ahead. It automates their fleet operations and gives business owners and fleet managers more control over their vehicles, drivers, and costs. And today’s fleet management software is affordable, driving value for even the smallest field services companies.

Let’s take a look what fleet management means for field service businesses—and why more companies are adopting fleet management software.

Fleet Management for Field Services Businesses

Companies that rely on vehicles to deliver services to customers employ fleet management to control costs, reduce risks, maximize productivity, and remain compliant with government regulations. Fleet management is exercised across all fleet-related operations and impacts everything from driver safety and vehicle health to customer satisfaction and profitability.

At any time during the day, a fleet manager may be found:

  • Dispatching technicians to customer sites
  • Providing safety training to drivers
  • Tracking fuel consumption
  • Reporting on mileage logs
  • Performing or scheduling vehicle check-ups
  • And more

The Role of Fleet Management Software

In the past, fleet management activities like mileage logging, fuel tracking, and manual route mapping were done on paper. Vehicles were serviced on a regular maintenance schedule (and probably too often) or only if a breakdown happened (probably too costly). It was inefficient, costly and time-consuming, and business owners had very little control over such a critical piece of their operations.

But thanks to today’s technology, businesses have access to fleet management software. These fleet telematics solutions help automate their fleet operations and provide the real-time insights decision-makers need to manage their vehicles and drivers more efficiently.

Based in the cloud, this software communicates with an IoT device that’s plugged into each fleet vehicle, giving fleet managers the ability to:

1) Know where your vehicles are at any time – so you can better meet the needs (and schedules) of customers while responding in real-time to potential accidents or traffic incidents.

2) Track how many miles each vehicle travels – so can manage the health of your fleet and get vehicles serviced when needed.

3) Get notified when something goes wrong – so you can address a vehicle performance threshold or driving event (e.g. battery life, coolant, speeding).

There’s a lot more that fleet management software can do, but these are the primary reasons so many field services businesses are investing in the technology. And yes, fleet telematics solutions like Automile are designed to fit any budget so fleet managers can start seeing the value right away.


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