How To Fix Your Driver’s Need For Speed



We’ve all been known to put the pedal to the metal when running late or enjoying a nice stretch of open highway. But speeding is risky, especially when it happens on company time in a company vehicle. Your drivers know this, of course, but how can you get on the same page and keep the roads safe?

Realizing the Implications of Speeding

Sometimes, speeding just happens. A great rock song comes on the radio and gets the driver pumped up. Or the motivation is as simple as needing to get to a service call on time—and all in the name of customer service, the driver gets a speeding ticket.

Just like that, a very hardworking (and punctual!) employee who is awesome when it comes to dealing with customers ends up at the wrong speed at the wrong time. And you end up with a ticket to pay.  Just be thankful that the indiscretion didn’t result in an accident or injury, right?

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Put on the Brakes with Telematics

To prevent these incidents from happening in the first place, we don’t recommend disabling the rock stations on your vehicles’ radios. But we do recommend plugging a vehicle telematics device into your OBD II portal that will alert you when the vehicle’s speed rises above a defined limit. The device reads technical data (like the vehicle’s speed) and can be programmed to send you a text or e-mail notification in real-time when speeding is happening. How you handle it is up to you, but you’ll have the information at your disposal to help you improve your driver’s behavior, if necessary.

Vehicle telematics gives you insights into more than just speed. Slow down a minute and find out how GPS Fleet Tracking Systems Keep Small Businesses In-the-Know.

Then, connect the dots with driver awareness, education, and training. Let your drivers know that your full-featured vehicle telematics solution notifies you when vehicles travel above the speed limit. And tell them you’re staying on top of speed—in addition to other driving events like idling engines—so you can stay on top of safety and maintenance issues. In other words, you’re not trying to be “big brother” who’s looking for reasons to nit-pick. You’re putting safety first.

This approach is working well for Automile customer Cody Bledsoe of, who says, “I check the drivers’ speed all the time to see how fast they are going and that has helped. The more I check it, and the more I tell them about it, the less now any of them actually speed.”

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