Field Service Businesses Adopt Telematics For Vehicle Tracking, Productivity, And Safety

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When it comes down to it, field services businesses adopt telematics solutions for one of three primary reasons—or a combination thereof. Whether you want to keep an eye on your vehicles in real-time, boost your productivity, or enhance safety, consider yourself “covered!”

  1. Vehicle Tracking: It’s All About the Data

We all know that this day and age, data is practically coming out of the woodwork—let’s make that the dashboard. You know this data is useful in so many ways, but you’re still learning what it means, how it applies to your business goals, and what to actually do with it.

Fleet telematics solutions track your vehicles, not only from point A to point B, but also over time and collectively. That means you can use the tracking data…

  • For answering questions in the present moment. Are my vehicles safe right now? Which vehicle is closest to the customer who needs a technician ASAP? Where is that technician—he should have been back a half hour ago!?
  • For decisions impacting the future. In the short-term, consider Automile customer Macrina Bakery, who uses our tracking tools to help them coordinate the logistics of their vehicles and ensure they’re efficiently routing their delivery drivers. In the longer-term, vehicle tracking data “piles up” for analysis. You can spot trends that inform everything from employee safety training to your fleet’s lifecycle.
  • For helping you administratively. Does keeping track of mileage and vehicle use for the purposes of expenses and taxes sound great? What about payroll?
  1. Team Productivity: Everybody Gets More Done, More Efficiently

As you learn how to make the most of vehicle telematics data, one thing is clear: it makes your job so much easier! Fleet telematics solutions are proven tools for helping business owners, fleet managers, and technicians work smarter. Take it from Cody White, Owner of Scientific Calibration, who boasts, “Employee productivity has gone up since we started using Automile” because of the greater visibility over his fleet.

With more visibility into your vehicles and drivers, you can manage their time better while serving your customers in a more timely manner. And when you give drivers the mobile tools they need to track time, mileage, and even expenses, you’re freeing them up to focus on customers—not manual tracking.

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  1. Safety For All: Safeguarding Employees, Your Assets, and the Roads

Safer drivers mean safer roads. Vehicle data can help you uncover driving trends, like speeding or hard breaking, that you can use to train your drivers. And tracking your vehicles can help you prevent theft or lead to faster recovery in the event of a loss.

Companies like J. Rollins Construction use Automile to help them develop their safety program and protect their vehicles. “We’ve compared the cost of replacing a stolen vehicle or a piece of equipment with the annual cost of using Automile, and it’s a no-brainer,” says Eli Trevino, the company’s OSHA instructor and safety leader. “The cost for protecting our assets is totally worth it.”

“Automile is an awesome GPS system. We had a break in at our shop yard and over $130,000 of equipment was stolen recently from one of our trucks. Within 20 minutes of finding out about the burglary, the local police were able to find and detain the criminals thanks to the constant and accurate updates that the GPS supplied. The vehicle was over 80 miles away but it wasn’t a problem to track down and coordinate with local law enforcement. When discussing the matter with the police, I was told multiple times that they have never seen a GPS system this good.” – Tyler Spears at Millennium Lawn and Landscape


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