How can Field Service Business Have Answers For Customers About Service Times

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“When were your technicians here?” “How long were they onsite?” “Were they onsite?” Field service business customers deserve accurate, timely answers to these questions. Vehicle telematics help you track more than mileage—they help you keep track of service time and date details that are important to your customers.

Answers At-the-Ready

Answering customer questions about service times and dates are among the top challenges of field services businesses before adopting a fleet telematics solution. But once they’re tracking, everything changes! We’re going to let Automile customers speak to this. You’ll see that the advantages tend to go well beyond simple tracking details, too:

“There was a specific instance when a customer called about our technicians who had not made it to the job site on time. I had no way of knowing where the technicians were, or why they were running late, and the only way to find out was by calling them on their cell phones. This hasn’t been the most convenient form of communicating with our technicians since most of their work time is spent on ladders or on roofs.”

– Keegan Couillard, Clean and Clear Partners


“We had instances where a customer called and said because they never saw us on their property, we never completed the job. But we also had no way of proving that our vehicles had indeed been at the customer sites. We let the customers know that all our vehicles are tracked, and we know the whereabouts of our vehicles at any given time. So now we have proof to show that we’re actually doing what we say we’re doing.

– Matt Liberacki, Midwest Property Services


My biggest challenge is managing my employees’ time on their jobs, and making sure the jobs get completed on time. Looking at the Live Map, I know where my vehicles are at any given time. If I notice a vehicle that is off route on the way to a customer site, I can interject and make sure they’re on the right course. I can see when they’ve reached a job-site, and how long they’ve been off a job-site.”

– Vince Griffiths of The Brick Paver Dr.


“With Automile, we can see where the vehicles are on the map and when they arrive at a location, based on which we can estimate how long they’re going to be there. Having Automile just makes the process of getting a status on our employees more streamlined for us. It also helps us when a customer wants to know how long our cleaners have been at their homes. Now we can check the app and confirm the time the cleaners were at any location.”

– Jerry Dino, The Maids of Orange County


“We needed a way to keep track of our vehicle locations to know if clients were being serviced on time, and to address client issues at their location as soon as possible. The only way to help our customers better is by having more information and having more ability, and part of that is knowing where the vehicles are.”

– Christian Figueroa, The Wright Gardner


“Before Automile, we weren’t always aware of what was going on at the job site. With Automile plugged into our vehicles, we can view exactly where they are at any instance during the trip through the live map feature. We can also view the trip details from the past, which has been a phenomenal advantage. With the tracking feature, we make sure that the employees are on time for jobs. Accurate billing for customers is now more achievable due to the mileage tracking.”

– Cody White, Scientific Calibration


“One of my customers brought it to my attention that my workers weren’t at the job location at the agreed time. However, my workers were saying otherwise. That’s when I decided to find a tracking solution for the company vehicles. Based on the trips that are tracked by vehicle and driver I get an accurate understanding of hours worked by my employees. I know exactly where my vehicles are at any time, and this gives me peace of mind. I can also track where they have been in the past, and what job locations they’ve been at.”

– Steve Taylor, Steve Taylor Excavation


“We are able to see when the installer gets to the property and are able to keep a check on the labor hours that are entered into the TSheets. We have seen some payroll savings because of this.”

– Rob Jones, Elevation Solar


“I trust our workers, but they are human, and it’s not possible to constantly keep track of time-logs accurately. When our men are supposed to be at a job site at a given time, I can monitor to make sure they are. When they work overtime, I can see trip logs to make sure that I receive accurate information before payments are made.”

– Desmon Edwards, Jamar Power Systems


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