What Our Fans Are Saying About Automile’s Mobile App

Real time tracking

Automile’s mobile app puts you in touch with all of your vehicle telematics and tracking tools. All customers have to do is pick up their connected device, open the app, and go! Keep reading to find out what our fans are saying about it.

Why, Thank You!
Here are some reviews of Automile’s app from around the web:

“Great user interface and very easy to get started”

“Very nice and easy setup”

“Setup was a breeze…”

“Very satisfied with the software and interface, many thumbs up”

“You’re going to really love it”

Automile’s App In Action

Here’s what our customers have to say about their handy app:

“I use Automile 100% through the mobile app. After testing it on one vehicle, I decided to put it in all my vehicles.” – Vince Griffiths, Owner of The Brick Paver Dr.

“I use Automile mostly on the mobile app, and it is convenient to be able to track my vehicles when I am driving between customer sites.” – Keegan Couillard, Owner of Clean and Clear

“Automile is easy to use and has a ton of great features with a great mobile app.” – Jarod Dotson, Owner of Dotson Group

“The device is also easy to install, and the user interface is easy to use both in the office on the desktop app, and in the cars on the mobile app.” – Jerry Dino, President and CEO at The Maids of Orange County

“The Automile app is also very detailed in the way the information is made available, and we like the layout of the app. We mainly want to keep track of mileage, fuel usage, and live tracking on the map. We can also export reports with all the information.” – Matt Liberacki, Owner of Midwest Property Services

“I use Automile on my phone through the dedicated app, and can easily see where all my vehicles are on the map.” – Victor Jones, Owner of Royal Limousine

“(Employees) simply use the mobile app to categorize their trips as personal or business.” – Phil Schiavone of Nagle Athletic Surfaces

Here’s What the Automile App Can Do

We developed our app so it’s just as powerful and user-friendly as the web-interface. Our customers are on the go, you know! You’re not always sitting in front of a computer, but you’re always connected via your smartphone or tablet.

You can access almost all of Automile’s features through the app:

  • Admin tools, like managing users, drivers, vehicles, and places
  • Mileage tracking and mileage log details for each trip
  • Real-time vehicle tracking on Live Map
  • Geofencing
  • Inspections
  • Hours of Service
  • Expense tracking
  • Notifications when vehicles speed, idle, may be in an accident, and more


About Automile

Automile is revolutionizing fleet management with its innovative, cloud-based, mobile, and design-first experience.

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