Experience the ROI of Route Planning

Route planning

If your drivers always find themselves sitting in traffic jams or taking the long and winding roads around town, they’re probably not using route planning software. You can start optimizing their routes to help curb their frustration, yes, but consider the financial implications, too.

The Basics of Optimized Routing

App-based route planning tools use GPS and a built-in programmic “knowledge of the roads” to recommend best-bet trip routes for your drivers. You’ve likely used these already—if not for your fleet, than for personal use: How do we get to Bob’s house? Which way is going to get us there faster? There’s how much traffic on I90 right now?, Either way, you get the concept: by taking the most efficient routes from points A to B to C and onwards, you save time, money, and aggravation.

If you’ve invested in a business fleet telematics or vehicle tracking solution with a route planning feature, you’re on your way to some serious ROI. Here’s why:

Reduced Vehicle-Related Costs

When you and your drivers take optimal routes, you use less gas, spend less time idling on road, experience less wear and tear on vehicles, and so on. And since you’re being more efficient and therefore more productive, you may be using fewer vehicles over time. It all adds up to lower costs.

Lower Admin Costs

It’s possible you or someone in the office is doing some manual route planning—and those admin costs (time and money) are eliminated when you depend on a savvy piece of software to do the work.

Productivity Gains

Now, consider the gains that automated route planning brings to the equation. Employees can spend time doing other things aside from sitting in vehicles and drawing maps: they can focus on serving customers better, marketing your business, reviewing vehicle telematics reports, etc.

Come-Back-For-More Customer Service

It’s easy to see why route planning is a plus for customers: technicians get to their location sooner (or at least not late) and potentially less stressed out. Customers simply don’t need to call you asking, “Ugggh, when will someone be here?”

Happy customers are repeat customers. They tend to spend more with you, refer you to more people, leave better reviews for you, and engage with you more enthusiastically over social media…all of which can all lead to more revenue. Sure, it can be challenging to attribute these activities to the bottom-line, but you know they contribute to the type of customer experience that pays off as a win-win.

One Final Thought

Investing in an affordable solution tips the time-to-ROI in your favor. When the technology you use to do better route planning isn’t costing your company an arm and a leg, you’ll achieve a ROI more quickly. So isn’t it time you learn more about Automile’s new Route Planning feature?


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