Experience Real-Time Vehicle Tracking (Really) with 15-Second Updates


Real time tracking


What does real-time vehicle tracking mean to you? It might be high time to check your expectations—or switch to a solution that offers industry-first real time tracking at a great price. Here’s why.

What Does Real-Time Mean in GPS Tech?

In the world of GPS technology, real-time usually means close to real time, depending on how quickly the tracking device and servers sync up and deliver updated insights to the user. That means there is some delay in reporting your vehicle’s location to you.

Think about it: if your GPS app shows you where your vehicle was right before the app update, can you be confident about where it is now? Maybe not. A lot of frustrating things can happen during the time lag, resulting in…

  • Giving your anxious customer the wrong ETA
  • Routing your driver in the “wrong” direction, like straight into heavy traffic
  • Sending a now out-of-the-area technician to an emergency service call

When it comes down to seconds in traffic, vehicle visibility just isn’t necessarily as timely as you think it is.

Get the Technology Offering the Fastest Update at the Lowest Cost

Don’t you want to tighten the GPS real-time tracking window to as close to real time as possible? Automile has done just that. Our latest LiveMap update reflects the fastest processing speed and most efficient data transfer in the industry, giving you instant tracking data that updates every 15 seconds. Get all the details in Automile Releases Industry-First Real-Time Tracking Making Updates 2X Faster.

Plus, Automile makes real-time vehicle tracking affordable. Our advanced technology and customer-first philosophy combine so that you don’t pay too much for vehicle tracking. Here’s how a few of our customers are taking advantage of their ultra-quick (and affordable!) real-time location updates:

Course-Correct: “Looking at the Live Map, I know where my vehicles are at any given time. If I notice a vehicle that is off route on the way to a customer site, I can interject and make sure they’re on the right course.” – Vince Griffiths of The Brick Paver Dr.

SOS Calls: “We never worry about where our vehicles are at because we can see the vehicle locations on the map. If there’s a last-minute emergency call that comes in, we can see who is closest to that location and ask them to attend to that customer.” – Jarod Dotson of Dotson Group

Competitive Cost-Savings: “The price we pay for Automile per month is about 50% cheaper than other GPS solutions that our competitors use.” – Steve Taylor of Steve Taylor Excavation


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