Don’t Pay Too Much for Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle Tracking


Please, don’t pay too much for vehicle tracking. With today’s cloud-based, scalable fleet management solutions, there’s simply no need to. They’re not like yesterday’s expensive legacy solutions at all—and you end up getting way more than you paid for. And way more than just vehicle tracking.

Consider Automile’s approach to pricing and customer service and you’ll see what we mean:

  • Free trial. It’s risk-free. No credit card. No questions asked. You don’t even have to pay for shipping if you decide to return your device after giving it a try.
  • Simple online sign-up. You choose a monthly subscription plan that works for you. You access your service online—so there’s no additional software to buy and nothing to install. No IT consultants to hire. The only hardware you need is the Automile Box, and the device is included in your subscription if you’re a Pro or Enterprise customer.
  • Plug and play functionality. You don’t waste time (or money). You just plug the Automile Box into your vehicle’s OBD II portal and instantly begin syncing vehicle data with the server.
  • NO installation costs. You just plug in the device and drive.
  • NO device costs. As was stated, the Automile Box is included with your subscription if you’re a Pro or Enterprise customer. (Starter customers pay a one-time  device fee.)
  • NO hidden data costs. The Automile Box has its own SIM card and the data usage is included in the monthly subscription.
  • NO support costs. Have a question?  Automile has an answer. Have a concern?  Automile is there to listen. And the company does not charge a dime extra. All the support you need comes along with your monthly subscription.

If you’re not convinced that today’s cloud-based fleet tracking solutions aren’t a tremendous value, find out What ROI Should You Expect On Fleet Telematics?

And discover The Automile Difference!


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