Why Diversity Sharpens A Small Business’s Competitive Edge



What happens when a small business encourages and celebrates workforce diversity? Everybody wins: employers, employees, and customers. When inspired to bring out our best, our collective productivity and success can be phenomenal.

Three Cheers for Diversity!

Diversity comes in many forms: age, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, etc. But according to online HR community ERE Media, the 3 kinds of workplace diversity you need to be productive are gender, thinking style, and behavioral style. This goes to show there are different ways to think about diversity. But it all adds up to something good.

The Dynamic Workplace

Everyone brings his or her own special set of skills and strengths to the office. Some of these skills and strengths are inherent—we’re just born with them—while others are direct reflection of our life experiences. The same can be said for our diversity, too: we’re born with inherent traits (e.g. ethnicity) and others are acquired and shaped by life experience (e.g. cultural sensitivity comes from having worked in another country).

In fact, according to Harvard Business Review, research shows that employees at companies whose leaders demonstrate both inherent and acquired diversity are 45% likelier to report that their firm’s market share grew over the previous year and 70% likelier to report that the firm captured a new market.

Here’s why: different people have different perspectives. Innovation gets unlocked in dynamic environments where people are encouraged to voice their opinions and share fresh ideas. For a small business, this brings about creative problem-solving, as employees with different backgrounds and areas of expertise can challenge each other to find just the right approach. And it just might be the approach that differentiates their services and wins more customers.

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The Community Connection

In field services, it’s easy to see how diversity helps create an incredibly dynamic and awesome workplace environment—one that keeps technicians motivated to do their best. It contributes to a positive business reputation and better customer service, critical to success for companies who operate in their local communities. For more, see 4 Steps to Creating a Mobile Field Services Workforce Culture

One way many field services companies are diversifying is by welcoming more Millennials to their ranks. Not only can younger workers help them appeal to younger customers, but they’re bringing in new skills (again, diversifying!) related to technology and communication. Find out How to Hire and Manage Talented Millennials To Field Service.

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