Disrupting Fleet Management: Automile Achieves Robust Growth With Mobile, Design-First Approach


Automile, leading provider of cloud-based, mobile and design-first solutions for fleet management, today announced details of its significant momentum as it continues to revolutionize the fleet management space. This past year, Automile has increased its monthly recurring revenue by six times, welcoming new clients across North America and Europe, introducing advanced SaaS tools and Internet of Things (IoT) technology to transform how businesses track and manage their fleets and drivers, and expanding its team in the U.S. and Sweden.

“This industry has seen little innovation in recent years, and businesses are frustrated with the complexity of traditional ways and legacy products. Automile has built a technology platform that enables a smart, mobile, design-centric and data-based approach to fleet management,” said Jens Nylander, CEO and founder of Automile. “Our immense growth in just two short years highlights our ability to meet the needs of today’s businesses that manage fleets as they strive to reduce costs, improve driver safety and achieve greater efficiency.”

Customer Growth

The fleet management market is expected to grow to more than $22 billion by 2020, and Automile is positioned to gain a significant market share, offering new technology and innovations that outpace legacy providers. In the past 12 months, the company has expanded its client base from a few hundred fleets to more than 3,500. In March 2016 alone, the company increased revenue by 18 percent as more businesses adopt its solutions to enhance how they manage their fleets.

As Automile’s customer base continues to grow, the company continues to process an enormous amount of data: more than 28 billion records per year and 30 times more data than legacy providers. Such data enables more accurate reporting for clients, while also providing them with the insight into all aspects of their fleet operations — driver tracking, instances of speeding or reckless driving, idling times, fuel consumption and much more — leading to a safer, more cost-effective fleet operation.

Product Development

Automile has introduced a number of innovative features to transform fleet management, including the Automile Box, the world’s smallest vehicle tracking device. This device plugs into the vehicle diagnostic port and works in 54 countries, across all vehicle, makes and models and using all major cellular networks, without the need for additional tools or connections. As a result, businesses can automatically track mileage, get the precise location of a specific vehicle and gain robust reporting on mileage logging, vehicle utilization, emissions and more.

Fleet owners and leaders can also receive automated notifications and alerts regarding driver behavior, including speeding, accidents and idling time, empowering them to create benchmarks to enable driver safety.

Committed to continually investing in its technology to meet changing fleet management needs, Automile is delivering innovative features and improvements at an accelerated pace with iterative and modern development methodologies.

Team Expansion

Key to Automile’s success is a team of qualified engineers, designers, sales professionals and customer success managers who develop the company’s leading-edge solutions. As the company continues to grow, it has added significantly to its team across its offices in Palo Alto, Calif. and Stockholm, Sweden. Recent high-level appointments include:

  • Kalle Ljung, vice president of Engineering: Ljung has a strong background as a SaaS and technology engineering leader and architect for more than 17 years. He was one of the founders of Ottoboni, a digital agency in Stockholm, where he led the development team to drive the tremendous success. He has also worked closely with the product management of the successful CMS platform Episerver (Digital Experience Cloud) during the launch of its new cloud experience.
  • Jay Krishnan, vice president of Marketing: With more than 20 years of experience in technology, SaaS and B2B offerings, Krishnan brings deep expertise in small business and enterprise marketing. Prior to joining Automile, she led product marketing at fast-growing startups, accelerating growth and market leadership. She also drove go-to-market strategy for mobile and was an innovation catalyst at Intuit. Krishnan is a change agent and speaks at several leading industry events on technology trends impacting different industries.

Round of Funding

Fueling the company’s growth over the past year has been the investment of $5 million of Series A Funding raised in May 2015. Led by Dawn Capital and Point Nine Capital, this round of funding provided Automile with the capital to execute its global expansion and continue to advance its product roadmap.

Looking Forward

“Automile is committed to delivering new capabilities to forever change how businesses manage their fleets,” said Nylander. “Our strong performance since the company’s inception provides validation of our technology and approach, and sets the stage for continued success in the months and years ahead.”

About Automile

Automile revolutionizes fleet management through innovative, cloud-based, mobile-optimized and design-first experiences. Automile is used by business of all sizes across Europe and the United States to optimize fleet performance, gain greater visibility into their drivers and vehicles and ultimately improve the bottom line. With an innovative API and extensive partner program, Automile is committed to collaborating to ensure the best product possible for its customers. Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden and Palo Alto, Calif., Automile continues to leverage IoT technology to disrupt the traditional approach to fleet management. Learn more at: Website | Twitter | LinkedIn | Facebook