How Are Cloud-Based Solutions Empowering Small Businesses?


Cloud-Based Solutions Empowering Small Businesses

Time for payroll? Saddle up to your desktop with your giant check register and start plugging away in that spreadsheet. Need to reference an old document? It’s probably in one of those banker’s boxes under the spare desk. Tracking mileage for taxes? Turn to a fresh page in the notebook in your glove compartment and dip your fountain pen in the bottle of ink. Wait, what?

OK, maybe your business practices aren’t that antiquated, but if you’re using homegrown and paper-based methods to run your small business, you’re losing time and definitely money. Today, small business owners can leverage cloud-based, software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions and Internet of Things (IoT) technology to streamline operations and gain incredible efficiencies that impact the bottom-line—in the office and on the road.

Getting More Done—Faster

SaaS for Small Businesses has come a long way. We have so many popular solutions that solve for core challenges that businesses face. For example, Box gives businesses and teams a secure place in the cloud to store, access, and share their files. QuickBooks Online makes accounting simple for small business customers. Gusto makes it easy to manage payroll and benefits under one roof. Slack is a messaging app used by small business teams to collaborate, streamline communications, and—the real value prop—stay productive.

And let us not forget those businesses who have a mobile workforce on wheels. On top of the usual challenges around paying their employees and managing their accounting, these small businesses have to deal with issues such as unauthorized use of their vehicles, safety of their workforce when driving, being on top of maintaining their vehicles, etc. Automile, a cloud-based IoT company, comes to the rescue by empowering businesses to manage their vehicles and drivers, eliminate paperwork, stay compliant, and increase productivity.

If enabling small business owners and their employees to access data—and each other—any time and from any device isn’t a boon to productivity, then what is?

Using the Latest and Greatest—for Less

Thanks to the scalable, flexible technology powering SaaS solutions, you can use the same best-in-class business tools used by larger organizations—without needing a business loan to finance new hardware or install more software on your machines. That’s because cloud-based solutions are hosted by the vendor: your data is securely housed on their servers and you access it remotely through a website portal or mobile app. What’s more, the vendor takes care of any and all integrations, upgrades, and is always on-call to answer questions, virtually eliminating the need for in-house IT support.

The real value of investing in cloud-based solutions is it frees up small business owners to focus on business-building initiatives (not administrative time-zappers). Take Bounce Foods, for example, whose average compound annual growth rate has been 53% since partnering with Microsoft on cloud services to boost their productivity. Read this article on for details. Consider the costs (e.g. time, labor, paper) associated with your manual workflows and how those dollars could be spent building your business.

Making Smarter Decisions with Business Intelligence

SaaS innovation is kicking things up another notch. The level of business intelligence you get from using automated, digital, completely tech-fueled solutions is unmatched: lots of crunchable, actionable, decision-informing, and business-building data.

Next gen cloud solutions are helping business owners connect to everything from their employees, cars, spreadsheets to their accounts receivables. Welcome to the connected world and get onboard to drive your business results.


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