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protect from theft

Primetime Timing Protects 100K+ worth of Equipment with Automile’s Asset Trackers

“Automile is great. I saw an ad and the rest is history. We haven’t had a problem with theft since we’ve had a GPS tracker system, of which Automile is our second, but it’s nice being able to sleep easy. I love the move alerts of the Asset Tracker. That even if I’m sleeping, I can be notified that our setup is moving and can then take action.”


Spotlight: Millennium Lawn & Landscape Saves $130K Worth Of Stolen Equipment By Using Automile’s Vehicle Tracking Technology

“We had a break in at our shop yard and over $130,000 of equipment was stolen recently from one of our trucks. Within 20 minutes of finding out about the burglary, the local police were able to find and detain the criminals thanks to the constant and accurate updates that Automile supplied.”