Busy Much? How Technology Improves The Life of A Field Services Business Owner

Field Service Businesses

We talk with field services business owners every day—when they’re available to talk, that is. See, they’re often out there in the thick of things, working hands-on alongside their mobile technicians. So not only are they managing the workforce, but they’re doing the work, too—drilling holes, running wires, hauling freight, you name it. What’s a busy business owner to do?

Busy Business Owners Depend on Technology!

Business owners with lots on their plate leverage technology to help get it all done efficiently and profitably. The large majority of companies surveyed for CompTIA’s The Business Relevance of IT in the SMB Market report, in fact, say technology is a primary or secondary factor in reaching business objectives and priorities, including maintaining key customer accounts and identifying new customers and markets.

The technology they want to implement will improve IT security, help them manage and use data, and modernize their equipment and software. We’d say IoT- and cloud-based vehicle telematics technology fits into this quite nicely! Take a closer look at what field services SMBs think.

Do either of these scenarios—and their shared solution—sound familiar?

Busy business owner challenge: Managing a multidisciplinary mobile workforce

Brett Yates of Yates Company, a building automation systems and solution provider, works with a diverse team of installers, technicians, sales and project managers. That means Yates is busy coordinating with a range of mobile workers with different specialties to get all the work done—to their customers’ satisfaction.

Before Automile, he struggled to hold meetings “that included a lot of pre-planning, trying to figure out where our employees were going to be at, and hoping that they were going to be there.” Today, he and his team use Automile’s technology to track each other’s whereabouts and coordinate both vehicle use and service calls with more efficiency.

Busy business owner challenge: Managing many moving parts

“Being a small business owner,” explains Cody White, Owner of Scientific Calibration, Inc., “I wear many hats. I start my day off by sorting through my emails. After that, I walk around and talk to all my employees…I also meet with a lot of customers, and then devote the rest of my day to help out and take on whatever tasks the day calls for.” He adds, “I manage my duties as the owner of the company, but I can also jump on a forklift and handle that aspect of the job too.”

Before Automile, he didn’t know what was going on at his teams’ various job sites, making it difficult to ensure productivity was being optimized. He couldn’t be in more than one place at a time, after all. With real-time vehicle tracking technology—and details into past activity, thanks to stored data—he’s able to manage everything at virtually any time, even when traveling!

Managing a Forward-Thinking Business

All busy business owners who value technology are challenged with staying alert to the latest and greatest solutions! But that’s a challenge they’re happy to tackle, because they know finding the right tools and resources helps them do their jobs smarter. And if they can use the technology to flex their leadership chops while still getting down and dirty—and so much more—they consider it worth the investment.


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