Why Are Businesses In The Landscaping Industry Using Telematics?

Why Are Businesses in the Landscaping Industry Using Telematics?

Telematics tools make each day in the life of a landscaping company’s fleet manager a bed of roses. Really. Landscapers depend on their vehicles to get to and from customer properties, making each vehicle—and each employee in the cab—the most important company assets. With vehicle telematics on board, maximizing the productivity of these assets becomes easy. And keeps customers happy, too.

Let’s find out why fleet telematics and landscaping go together like fertilizer and water, or like sunshine and soil, or like…oh, you know what we mean.


Keeping Employees Engaged

Like most of your counterparts in field services, landscaping businesses struggle to hire and retain top talent. Expert gardeners and lawn care technicians have specialized skills that are in high demand, especially during the warm weather months. And if a technician has a way with customers—if they’re exceptionally friendly and deliver a tremendous customer experience—it’s even more essential to keep them on the company’s payroll for the long term.

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One thing employees value today is an employer who cares about their career development and wellbeing. And that means keeping the workforce up to date with the latest-and-greatest. In landscaping, that includes more than providing training on plant installations, bed maintenance, and safe use of chemicals. It also includes driver safety. And that’s where fleet telematics comes in.

We’re not talking about using fleet telematics to play “big brother.” Landscaping companies can keep their eyes on vehicle and driver behavior in order to uncover vulnerabilities in their road safety and training programs. Should Fleet Safety Be One of Your Top Business Priorities?

With fleet telematics tools, you’ll be able to track (in real-time and over time) things like speeding and harsh breaking, behaviors that are connected to accidents, asset loss, and injuries. Most field services employees who spend time on the roads appreciate their employers’ efforts to monitor their health and safety. They usually take kindly to training that can help build on-the-job skills, even driving. And to sweeten the deal, you can provide incentives for safe driving that reflect what they’ve learned—and how they’re participating in creating a safety culture for the business.

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Providing Responsive Customer Service

People who are meticulous with their lawns expect their landscaping company to be meticulous with, well, just about everything. They depend on you to keep their properties healthy and looking beautiful. So when they contact you with questions or (gasp!) complaints, you’ve got to address them with a smile. (And possibly a trip to their location to check out the scene to get yourself out of the weeds!)

Fleet telematics solutions keep you abreast of where your vehicles and drivers are at all times, so when a landscaping emergency arises you’re able to contact your nearest worker and send them over. With Automile’s solution, it’s as easy as checking your mobile Automile app and going to the live map feature, locating the nearest driver, and messaging him or her with a request to head over to the customer at 123 Horticulture Lane.

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