Automotive Digital Disruption Is Already Happening

Digital disruption is already here. Many people reply to our posts about connectivity on social media. While most are enthusiastic and excited about new possibilities opening up because of technology (like Automile), some remain weary.

It makes sense; most adults today have grown up with movies like The Terminator, Bladerunner and The Matrix wherein the not-so-distant future, humanity’s pursuit of technology is its downfall. Of course, people are wary of connectivity and increasingly worried about cyber security.

The truth is, though, that digital disruption has already happened. It is nearly impossible to escape the connectivity that is becoming ubiquitous in our daily lives. More people are reading their news from smartphones instead of newspapers.

If you look at some of the biggest companies in the world, they are going increasingly digital. Companies like Airbnb, Skype, and Uber, arguably giants in their industries, own none of the traditional infrastructure or products their customers use. Their digital platforms simply connect users to the products and services they need, for a fee.

The same is true in the automotive industry. All cars manufactured today have at least one computer inside, managing everything from sensors, brakes, airbag systems, climate controls, and even motorized seats and mirrors. More advanced computers inside automobiles manage in-vehicle entertainment, GPS navigation, driver settings, and more.

We have embraced this connectivity in so many aspects of our lives, and the truth is technology makes our lives easier. That is the very concept behind Automile’s service, to make it easy to understand how you drive and what your vehicle is doing or needs.

We take comprehensive security measures to keep your vehicle data safe. Communication between the Automile Box, which plugs into your vehicle to track trips and monitor vehicle health, and Automile’s apps is encrypted. We take your data privacy very seriously.

It is our belief that technology will continue to grow, and that we are helping to usher in the age of the Internet of Things, where any device that can benefit from connectivity will become connected. We’re starting with the automotive industry, but we just might have an exciting new project up our sleeves.

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