Automile’s Field Services Customers Share Their Best Advice

You can pick up some great advice from your peers in field services. They’re business owners and fleet managers with experiences much like your own. Maybe they have a secret to success that will inspire you. Or a trick or tip you haven’t thought of. In any case, it helps to know “what’s working” for others while you build a successful business of your own.

So we asked our customers, “What advice do you have for owners of other small field services businesses like yours?”

Reinvest Your Earnings: “Try not to pay yourself from your business till you make so much that you don’t notice when you pay yourself…when I first started the company, I lived off my earnings from a different job. I focused on saving and reinvesting my earnings into Royal Limousine till it became fully profitable.” – Victor Jones, Owner, Royal Limousine


Adapt to Growth: “Now we focus even more on food safety and worker safety. We have also become more structured to make sure we can take care of our people, our products, and our customers efficiently. We have been eager to grow our team with the business…and doing all of this while staying true to our culture and our core values.” – Scott France, CEO and Co-Owner, Macrina Bakery


Maintain High Standards: “Anything businesses can do to execute on a safer environment for all stakeholders (employees, customers, wildlife, community etc.), is a win-win for all. This can be achieved with right strategies in place and right alignment amongst the leaders in an organization.” – Eli Trevino, Loss Prevention Manager, J. Rollins Construction


Hire a Fleet Supervisor: “It’s not always about making money, it’s about saving the money you make. With the kind of laws and regulations that are around for companies today, a lot of companies skip out on hiring a fleet supervisor. I believe that with the right operations and the right hire in place to manage the health of your fleet, a vehicle can save you just as much money as you spent buying it.” – Chuck Lamb, Fleet Supervisor, hth companies, inc.


Treat Your Employees Like Family: “You are only as strong as your employees. If you don’t treat them like family, like humans, your business will fail. If the company makes a dollar, I share it. I make sure that everyone is winning and everybody gets a piece of the pie.  I also believe in managing by example. No job is too big or too small, and when you work that way you earn a lot of respect from your employees.” – Cody White, Owner, Scientific Calibration


Learn From Your Employees: “The industry we’re in doesn’t have too many competitors. So when we hire new employees, it is typically someone who has worked with a competitor. There really is no rule on how you learn as long as you do.” – Steve Taylor, Co-Owner/ CFO, Steve Taylor Excavation


Value Your Customers: “We are constantly testing new technologies to improve on customer experiences. We believe that you’re going to get a 5-star review for your business by exceeding expectations, and not just by meeting them.” – Desmon Edwards, Vice President, Jamar Power Systems


Treat Your Customers How You’d Like To Be Treated: “We really take the time to educate them on what are the benefits of the solar system installation including the tax advantages they get. We also ensure that the customer is fully informed at every stage.”—Rob Jones, Vice President of Strategic Initiatives, Elevation Solar


Invest in Technology: “I have learned that we have to separate what is real and what is not. The tech is where the world is going and if you don’t stay ahead of it, you won’t have a job or business. The old school guys are gone who didn’t invest in technology.” –Hank Wadkins, Owner, Auto Damage Appraisers


Embrace the Power of Technology: “I encourage businesses to embrace the power of technology and be able to serve employees, customers, and partners like never before, driving business results.” – Phil Schiavone, Owner, Nagle Athletic Surfaces


Create a Culture of Transparency: “Treat employees well and create a culture of transparency. When your employees are happy, that will translate automatically to customers being happy.” – Todd Faden, Owner, Faden Builders, Inc.